1st Freewrite

Here’s the first freewrite we did in class. I messed with it a little, but it’s pretty much what I wrote the first day…

When I was about six, my grandfather decided to teach me how to properly throw a baseball. All I really wanted to do was roll around and just toss the ball around every which way. What I wasn’t able to appreciate at the time was that my grandpa was a very hardcore coach and he wasn’t able to tolerate much shenanigans. He was an actual professional coach of high school baseball and basketball. So even playing catch with him was not just for fun; it was always work. From early on, he was going to mold me into a real baseball player. But what I wanted out of it was just to have fun, like a dog chasing a ball all over the place. I just wanted to hurl the ball every which way and run after it; catching it and properly throwing it was secondary to me, at best. Mostly with patience, Grandpa showed me how to hold my arm properly, keep my wrist steady, where and how to grip the damn ball, everything. The pressure was on. This is why, though I had no great talent for baseball, I kind of thought  that I would be a pro player when I grew up. Or a lawyer. The six-year-old me thought lawyering would be big fun because you got to make speeches and yell at people. I probably thought I would do baseball and lawyering. About a year later, I did get on my first organized team–a soccer team. Soccer was a lot more fun to me, so that’s what I went out for. You got to run all over a large field and kick a ball! I played defense mainly, so I just kicked it away from the other team. Didn’t particularly care where it went. I don’t think Grandpa liked soccer, because no advice ever came from him on this sport.

…so that’s it. Remember the topic? (So long ago!) It was to write about a time when we learned something deeply. I don’t think I completely met that criteria. By the way, I did learn how to throw a ball pretty well. But I never was very good at baseball in general. Luckily, the dream of being a pro player only lasted till I was maybe nine. I also realized “lawyering”, as I called it at six, wasn’t just talking and yelling. Acting would later suit me better, but I never really wanted to be an actor for real, either. That’s a whole other story, though. To put a cap on this little tale, I suppose I learned(deeply?) that I liked soccer better than baseball. To play, anyway. At least when I was six and seven.  By the way, my team–the Falcons!–won our league. Got slaughtered in regionals.

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