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Is anyone else having withdrawal symptoms from not having 101 this week? I miss going to class. Not that the extra time didn’t help me today; I had to do an emergency rewrite of a paper and might not have been able to get it done if we’d had class. But still…it’s weird not going. I haven’t missed a day yet and it kind of feels like we’re group ditching or something. So maybe I’ll blog everyday this week for a release. Then again, we still have a lot to do. Are you guys going to post your essays? I probably will next week after I get it back from Meredith. I’d love to read everyone’s work even if we don’t do an official peer review. On that topic, I hope we do more work in groups the rest of the quarter. To me, that’s more valuable than having a lecture the whole period or just writing on our own. Writing is to be shared or it seems kind of pointless.

Later! Here’s a cool shot from Logan’s Run, just cos I feel like it.imagesCAC1M1QR

6 thoughts on “WTF Blog

  1. I do not miss class. I am having a really hard time feeling motivated to go, especially yesterday. I know I did a crap job on my essay, and I am not ready to face up to that fact quite yet. And, not going to class enabled me to go to breakfast with a friend I haven’t seen much since this term started, so I was happy about that too. Not trying to be all negative Nelly here, but it’s the truth. Just had to comment:)
    But…it will be interesting going back on Monday!

  2. Comment # ?? (5?)

    Happy Thursday evening!
    I remember how “thrown outta whack” i was last quarter when we wouldn’t have class for a week. I never imagined i could be out of sorts over no class.. HA.. apparently miracles are real!
    Speaking of missing class.. i had to miss 2 classes in row due to family “CA CA” and when i returned, Jen was gone, i was totally lost, and now feeling a panic attack surfacing. Thankfully, Lindsey took the time to pull me back from the ledge and filled me in on what i had missed and then as any good teacher would do… told me to get my head straight and catch up or fail! Well those were not her exact words (except the fail part), but you see my point.
    I have a SH*# tone of homework and i suppose i should stop babbling and GET BUSY!
    I am in agreement with your “writing is to be shared or it is just pointless”. Although, i often write what is bouncing around my head and that can be a wee frightening for most people! HA
    OK i am done boring you, i will stop procrastinating, maybe make a cocktail since my kiddo’s are snoozing and BE PRODUCTIVE!



  3. Since you were wondering, Dylan, we ARE going to do plenty of group work for the rest of the quarter. And I completely agree that writing is meant to be shared. I usually make publishing one of the aspects of the writing process when I teach it, and fortunately this class has a built in publishing platform. See you Monday!

    • You ARE reading our blogs! 🙂 Even my WTF blogs that aren’t homework! Looking forward to getting back to class. I’m kind of crazy but, man, I missed it!

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