Group Therapy

How are the meetings with Meredith going? Haven’t had mine yet. So my classes are over for the week and I can concentrate on the homework. Read the article but haven’t done the breakdown yet. At least it’s shorter than Tough. My God, that guy was long-winded. Fifty paragraphs! I wanted to do Blog #4 tonight, but it has to be about the Fareed Zakaria article and we should do the assignment first. So here goes another WTF blog, I guess. Hey, I’ll talk about another class!

So I’m in Comm 230, which is Communication in Small Groups. The class is split into four groups with 5 or 6 members each, and each group is going to do a service project. That entails picking a charity or community group and spending at least three hours working with them or doing a specific task or event. My group is going to work with the Woodland Community Center and help put on a carnival for underprivileged kids. It sounds awesome, but it also sounds like more of a commitment than just three hours. So I hope it works out okay.

Each group also does papers together and tests together. We even get assigned a day and subject to teach the class. One group went today. All I want to say about that is I hope my group does better.

So the worrisome thing for me is that the way this class is structured our individual grades rely heavily now upon how successful our group is. The personal reason I took this class instead of, say, public speaking, is that group work is not my strongest point. (And, to be honest, you guys who are in a class with me can probably tell I don’t really have a problem with speaking publically;) I’m not a controlling type, but I like to be in control. (No, that’s not really a contradiction…okay, kind of.) It’s just hard for me to rely on a group. I tend to get my part done, and then want to do other people’s parts as well if they’re not done yet. This is not something most people appreciate, so I make a real effort to be patient and flexible. Today we had all agreed to have certain individual things done before class today and only half of the group had their shit done. Now, we still have a few days, but on my own I would have had the whole assignment done. But we turn things in as a group, so I have to wait.

Has anyone ever done a class like this? Anyone got some advice for me? I don’t want to be an overbearing asshole, it’s just that I like to get things done. My tendency is to do more than the required amount and I see that some folks just do what they need to do to squeak by. That’s just not going to cut it with me. It’s fine if you’re working on your own to phone something in once in a while, or wait till the last minute. But in a group, that’s not the best route to take. Am I right or wrong? I intend to get an A in this class  if I have to drag the rest of the group kicking and screaming all the way. Just kidding, I’m making them sound like they’re all losers. They’re not at all. Only a couple of them;)

I just wonder what my group will look like at the end of this process. Maybe like these happy motherfuckers…



Or will we be more like this?

th (2)

…to be continued…



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