The First Blog’s Gonna Suck


So I’ve promised people I’m going to continue blogging. And I’ve put a mandatory condition on myself that I will post a new blog every Friday. The masses await my next words eagerly, I’m sure. All twenty or so of you…

Since this started as a class project, only classy people are reading. I do intend to branch these things out into the wider world, however, and I thought about starting my non-homework blog career with a bang.

This is not going to be much of a bang.

Give me a small break here. The quarter just ended and I’ve done a shit ton of writing these past couple weeks in particular. I think even Stephen King would say “Woah, dude! Cool it a while!” So yeah, I wish I could put up an amazing first (sort of) blog for you, but you should live with what you get. I’m feeling a bit indulgent and lazy right now. Summer quarter was a bitch and I’ve been more than a little stressed. But now it’s over and done.  Here’s another meme.


I’m just fatigued right now. I’m not going to lie. Of course I have old stories I can put on here, I just don’t feel like it today. I’m not going to sit around wracking my tired brain for incredible inspiration, either. It’s Thursday night and I’m going to post this Friday. This is the last time  I’m going to write for several days, at least. Thought I would use Friday and the rest of the weekend to catch up on some drinking and video games. Haven’t played more than a few minutes of any game for about six weeks! That shit’s going to stop tomorrow.

Tonight, I’m writing a little. Rambling a lot. You still reading?

Okay, it’s going to get a little better now…

You know when you discover a new band, or TV show, a new author, whatever?  And you fall so much in love that you just have to get all the stuff? All the albums, all the books, etc. You may have a system, you might pick up particular works before others. But, eventually, you work your way through their discography or bibliography, until you find….

….the first!

Yes, everyone starts their remarkable careers with a first. More often than not, we don’t discover an artist with their first. We come in the middle, maybe, or after they’ve had a big success. But this artist is so great we want all their stuff. And we make our way to….

….the first!

Stay with me here. Take off your fanboy and fangirl blinders for a minute, choose a favorite of yours, and think about their first. Was it fantastic? Was it uber-inspiring? Was it phenomenal? It’s possible. It happens sometimes. But more often than not….

….the first….one….sucks….

I know. It’s just the way it is, though.

There’s probably millions of examples, but here’s one off the top of my hthe-beatles-playmobileead from my own experience. When I was about eight or nine, I got into the Beatles. I heard Sgt. Pepper’s first. Then I think I heard Revolver. Then probably Magical Mystery Tour and the White Album. Fantastic, incredible music. Then, in my opinion, the ultimate: Abbey Road. Oh my God, Abbey Road‘s my favorite! Then came Let it BeLet it Be is good, but there the letdown starts. Hey, though, that was their last release. Sure it wouldn’t be as good as their prime stuff.

Okay, then. Now I’ll start working my way backwards through their catalog. Hmmm, Rubber Soul. Not as fancy as their other music, but really good songs. Okay, the Beatles were a little simpler in their early days. Understandable. Still loved Rubber Soul, though, just a little differently.  Before that, Help. Um. Really, really getting basic. Still okay. Several of the songs are actually kind of weak. Wow. Goofy movie, too. Going further back. Hard Day’s Night and Beatles for Sale. Hard Day’s Night. Solid album. Fun movie. Beatles for Sale has a lot of filler. A few good but very basic songs. Now let’s check out the early early days. With the Beatles and Please Please Me, the very first Beatles album….

What… the…fuck…? Is this even the same group? Were they cloned? Did more talented aliens replace the early Beatles? I remember getting kind of upset. I guess I was a little young still when I was first getting into their music, but goddamn. These songs sounded like ten-year-olds wrote them. I could have wrote them!beatles_early

Before anyone gets too flaming mad, yes I have more appreciation for the early Beatles now. But still, I prefer the more intricate, mature music. Just saying. Still can’t help cringing over some of that early stuff.

My point is everything’s got to begin somewhere. I’m beginning my post-English 101 blog career right here. Someday I might be fortunate enough to be like George R. R. Martin or J. K.  Rowling. Hell, I’d settle for the dude who writes those Percy Jackson books. Who knows? If you’re reading this first one, you might someday tell people “I was there at the start of his published career!” Your starstruck friends can gasp “Really? Wow!” And then, you can sit back and grimace and go

“Oh, yeah. And, goddamn, did his first blog suck!”wtf-is-this-shit_c_183418

Sorry about that, random Vader. See you next Friday, if I don’t see you before.

2 thoughts on “The First Blog’s Gonna Suck

  1. Dylan you sadden me. How could you be disappointed in Let it Be? That is my go to jam when I need to chill out!
    I was thrilled with the rest of your post but not that part. Shame on you. Really.

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