1st Nerd Triathlon!

That’s right. This week’s post is my first running of what I’m calling the Nerd Triathlon. What is that, you palpatatingly murmur? It’s simply a blog wherein I rant briefly on three current topics of precious interest to us nerds, geeks, otaku and other forms of childlike adults. Ready to go? Let’s go!

Star Trek Into Darkness

Yeah, this came out on DVD this week.  And just so there’s no suspense, I fucking love what they’re doing with Star Trek. I’m never one who feels like characters and plots in fiction should be canon. As long as they get replaced with awesomeness. We have almost fifty years of Star Trek history, man! Some nations don’t last that long….Just because things are being shifted and altered and fucked with doesn’t invalidate the earlier material in my mind. The shows and movies that were made before still exist to enjoy. But I love a good shake-up and I think J.J. Abrams and his team have shaken up Trek most excellently.

And Benedict Cumberbatch is in it. That should be enough. Just look at this dude. He’s about to make you his Cumberbitch.

I’m not going to spoil plot points here, so I’ll just say if you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movies go in with an open mind. Its a brand new world where anything and everything can happen. Familiar characters and situations are presented from different angles. Things happen. Stuff occurs. I really don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen the new one yet. It’s not a remake, but…..no, I’m not going to spoil it. Remember when blockbusters were fun, though? The new Star Trek movies, even when they go a little dark, are just incredibly fun.

And full of lens flares. J.J. loves him some lens flares.

Actually, J.J. Abrams segues into the next topic!

Star Wars and Disney

I know, it’s sort of old news now. But I didn’t have a blog before! So Disney is producing the next trilogy of Star Wars movies, and our pal J.J. Abrams will be at the helm. The choice of director’s good with me. In case you hadn’t heard, I fucking love the new Star Trek films. Anyway, my main issue is not Disney and not Lucas selling out. It’s that I personally felt complete as far as Star Wars went.

After Sith, I was just satisfied. The prequels were a mixed bag to say the least. That’s a whole other blog dealing with those hot messes! I did enjoy most of what Sith had to offer, though, and it felt finished. I might be in the minority, but I was actually curious if Lucas would come up with something all together new. Alas, he did not and will not. He appears to be tapped.

Will Disney fuck up the Star Wars franchise? I doubt it. I mean, if Jar Jar and Hayden Christensen couldn’t thCAKZHNUJcompletely fuck up Star Wars, who could? I think it’ll be fine. I’m just not that thrilled about it at this time. That will probably change as things start coming together. I think maybe a Star Wars trilogy from Peter Jackson or Guillermo del Toro might have lit up my saber more… but Abrams is a great choice. He may deliver a product closer to what a young Lucas or Spielberg might have. He is their disciple after all. Or Padawan, if you will.

Now we get the G.I. Joe director for Star Trek 3, though. <sigh> Last topic?

Ben Affleck as Batman

Right off the bat(ha ha pun funny), let me assure you I’m not an Affleck hater. Goddamn, if I could come to accept Marky Mark from the nineties Funky Bunch as a reliable actor, why would I have a problem with Affleck?

Because it’s the goddamn Batman we’re talking about.thCAMVBDZM

The Batman is sacred, man. He’s iconic. Affleck’s just a moderately talented, seemingly good guy who kind of got lucky. I just can’t fathom someone seeing him as the Batman. He just lacks the edge. I really just don’t see it.

That being said, it’s not a Batman series he’s been cast in. It’s Man of Steel 2 and the following Justice League movie that finally seems to be coming about. But you have to assume if those films make the billions that they should, that they might choose to spin off a new Batman trilogy out of those. Affleck’s too big a name to just be a one-off. Obviously the Man of Steel sequel will heavily feature the Batman. And, of course, the Justice League wouldn’t come about without him. Affleck could conceivably be playing the goddamn Batman for a decade or more. He could become more associated with the part than Christian Bale! I don’t think that should be allowed…

But outside of declaring a comics jihad against Warner Brothers, DC, Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan or anyone else who had a hand in this casting, I think we just have to accept it. Send Ben our best, begrudging wishes. Make it your own, Mr. Affleck. But please pattern your performance closer to Bale than Clooney, okay? Dig deep. Deeper than you ever have before. You can do it, Ben.

You’re the goddamn Batman.<sigh>

That’s it for the first ever Nerd Triathlon…I’m beat! If you want me to tackle other appropriately geeky topics, leave me a comment! See you next Friday if I don’t see you before.


4 thoughts on “1st Nerd Triathlon!

  1. My personal issue with Affleck as Batman is simply the following: He ruined on super hero already, he shouldn’t get do overs…There are no do overs in playing roles of super heroes, just successes and failures…I am scared to watch what may as well be Daredevil 2.0.

      • I hear you, Kenny, but my feeling on blaming Affleck for Daredevil is this: that movie was just an all-around shitty movie. Was he bad in it? Oh, yeah. But it’s kind of like blaming Clooney for Batman and Robin. Yeah, he was terrible, but I think that movie would have been terrible with or without him. With the quality team making Man of Steel 2, or Superman vs. Batman, whatever it’s going to be called, I just hope they do a fine job. If they do their job, Affleck won’t ruin the movie. If not, it will be a shitty movie anyway, even if Bale came back. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog dude!

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