Word Pressin’

So right now  I’m at Clark College in Vancouver, WA, sitting in a WordPress class  which I’m taking  as a requirement for a Web Dev degree. It’s about ten minutes before class starts, so of course I’m starting a blog. I felt this course would be a breeze since I’ve been blogging on WordPress for about four months already. Surprise! (It is a breeze.) Okay, but we’ve only had two classes so far, mostly covering the history of WordPress and how to log in to WordPress. Basically, I’m still waiting for the class to get good.

The instructor is a fabulous lady named Lorelle VanFossen, who has been with WP from the beginning days and has about a gajillion blog posts to her credit. I feel like I should highlight quotes from her in red type, like the New Testament does the words of Jesus. She’s that fucking good. I’ll compromise by just putting her words in bold type.  I’m sure by the end of this course I’m going to learn how to grow my fanbase. All the way from my current 48 to a mighty 55. Maybe even 60.

I think I’ll start a series about this class. Since I decided I need to post more than one blog a week (even if no one is reading, ha) that should help pad my content. And other people on WordPress may have some interest in what Lorelle has to say. So we’ll see how that goes.

Just to let you know, this class is historical. Oh yeah. It’s the first time anywhere that a course on WordPress has been offered as a required part of a degree curriculum. So there’s that. Pretty coool.

PS: The next day…

The class got good last night! Next time, I’ll tell you about the exercises we’re doing. Lorelle went into drill sergeant mode tonight. Give me a two-hundred word post with three images and a link. You’ve got twenty minutes, dirtbags! Go!

See you next time…


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