We’re Making a Magazine!: WordPressin’ 2

So in a post last week, I wrote about my WordPress class. I told you that it’s the first of its kind that counts towards a degree and that makes all of us students pioneers and such. How cool is that? Click this to read or re-read that post. What I’ve yet to talk about is what we actually are doing in the class.

It’s been two weeks. Each student has put up a website for the class and posted a bunch of stuff. Each post has a particular purpose such as making headings, lists, linking images, making a picture gallery, a poll, etc. The posts aren’t terribly entertaining is what I’m saying, but they’re practical and useful. I’ve been blogging on WP for about four months, but I’ve kind of been glossing over all the cool things you can put in a blog and just posting without knowing all that I can do. So yeah, this course is great for me. And our instructor is an amazing lady named Lorelle Van Fossen, whose passion about blogging and WordPress is pretty damned contagious.

Here’s my class site if you’re interested. You’ll notice its language is clean. Not that I’m all that bad here, but I do slip in a fuck and the like when I feel it’s appropriate. On the classy blog, I’m doing my best to refrain from dirty talk.

I won’t detail all the assignments here. That’s just not that enthralling a read. Besides, I’m sure there are better sites for WordPress tips and the like. My main purpose here is to relate my feelings and observations on this class as a whole. The journey has been very helpful to me so far. But I felt like I would just breeze through, right? Miss Lorelle had other ideas….

Turns out the class is going to produce another blog as a group. Kind of a big project! This one will be for and associated with Clark College, but I believe that eventually it will be viewable by anyone on WordPress. Essentially it will be an online resource with articles about how to do virtually anything on WordPress. I’m thinking of it as an internet magazine. We’ll be covering everything you can do on WordPress and articles have been assigned to each one of us that relate to a particular aspect of the site. The Clark WP blog will be for future students of this program as well as for us now. Lorelle’s so excited about this project. She feels it can be huge. We’re no longer feeling the breeziness, but that’s a good thing!  At this point, everyone’s still working on their first articles so there’s nothing to really see yet.

Just a couple paragraphs ago, I stated there are probably better sites than mine for real WP tips and such. That is exactly what the class is going to create! We’re basically hoping to make this Clark College blog one of the best WordPress resources on the web, and we hope it will be used by everyone, not just students. Anyone who blogs on WordPress will benefit from checking out our site. So stay tuned. It will be packed with goodies very soon and I’ll let you know more.

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8 thoughts on “We’re Making a Magazine!: WordPressin’ 2

  1. So yeah, this course is great for me. And our instructor is an amazing lady named Lorelle Van Fossen, whose passion about blogging and WordPress is pretty damned contagious.

    I think I’ve been preaching these same words to anyone who falls into the trap of talking about WordPress in a conversation. Her passion for WordPress is making me consider switching gears and really getting involved in the WordPress community as a WordPress developer. As someone who never blogs, I am suddenly enthralled with adding new things to my blog, and really putting my personality into it.
    Lorelle is letting us have fun with it, so even the dull assignments have an opportunity to become fun if you’re willing to be creative and not “gloss over it”, as you say; which is the perfect diction for what I would usually do if it weren’t for Lorelle.
    I think I’m in love with my teacher, and I dont care who knows it.

    • Yeah, she’s awesome. She’s really made me think about how to keep making my blog better. All the technical stuff can be a little overwhelming, but every time in class she lights up about ten things that make me go “I need to do that!” The content will always be the main thing for me, but applying the right widgets and images and et cetera are really the decorative icing on the cake, you know.

      • See, It’s quite the opposite for me. I love the technical stuff, it’s the content that overwhelms me. I always end up writing a post that makes me sounds like an overly excited twelve year old, and I get embarrassed of myself, and then I quit blogging. But now I realize I don’t really have to treat blogging like my first grade diary. I cant post my comics up there instead of words, and I can link to cool stuff, and find other cool stuff, like that ADF book you posted about. And, most importantly, I can play with code and test WordPress’ limits!! Puzzle time!!

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