I Lost on Jeopardy*: WordPressin’ 6

*”I Lost on Jeopardy” is a parody song by Weird Al Yankovic. YouTube it.

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(Where is pt. 5? Wouldn’t you like to know? Maybe I censored it because it struck too tender a nerve. Maybe I’m superstitious about the number 5. Am I commemorating the week I forgot to post a WordPressin’ article by skipping the number? Or did I forget my numbering in my haste to get a new post done, and then enter all this nonsense later to try to cover? Why don’t I just change the number to five instead of doing all this? I don’t know. Stop bothering me!)

So lately I’ve found myself pressed for time and pressed for words. I neglected to post a “WordPressin'” last week. In spite of that, I vow to press on. Let me apologize to my dear, loyal readers. Both of you. (Haha, self-deprecating humor. I exaggerate. I have at least six loyal readers.) Pressin’ on, allow me to impress you.

In the class, we’ve begun our final group project. Kind of. My team and I all agree that there is a final group project, and that we have been assigned to each other to get it done, and that at some point work will be applied to the project, and that’s where we’re at right now.

Otherwise in the class, we’re still doing about ten items of homework a week, publishing articles on the class site and trying to break WordPress. Last week was a bit of a breather, though. Recently, we had done our mid-term, Lorelle-style. In other words, not like other mid-terms. She split the class into two teams. Each person drew a slip of paper from a hat with a WordPress related question on it. We then wrote the question and our answer on the board. As a team, we were given a few minutes to look over all the answers and agree on them. At that point, Lorelle turned us over to the other half of the class.

One by one, they and Lorelle looked over our ten answers. They would decide if all, part, or none of our answer was correct and give the answer a point value out of ten. After we were graded, the second group took their turn and my half of the class graded their answers. No one in my group took my advice to lower all their scores by at least two points, even if the answer was correct, and therefore we lost the mid-term war.

The winning team was told  to buy pizza for the whole class for our Halloween party, so we actually ended up all winning! But my loser team didn’t have to spend our meager dollars. Nice.

Yeah, we had a class Halloween night. I don’t know if I mentioned that the class meets 6:30 to 9:00 at night twice a week. Needless to say, not everyone shows up for every class and Halloween was no exception. But it turned out to be a fun class.

Lorelle showed up costumed as a blogger; she wore pajamas with slippers and had her hair in curlers. We students came in costume as students. Most of us brought some kind of snack and Michael from the winning mid-term squad  brought the pizza. I’m not sure who else pitched in on the pizza, but Mike is a hero.

After we all politely gorged, we played WordPress Jeopardy. This was fun, but my team came in third place out of four teams. Pizza Mike was on my team and gave several correct answers, yet we somehow failed. Have to deduct a few hero points from him for that.

Then we had some lecture time and discussed the Clark WordPress page. It looks much better now if you’d care to check it out. When it came time to leave, I exchanged nods with my final project group members to acknowledge the work we were again putting off. This week we’ll make progress for sure. I believe we have all agreed that the site we’re going to make, which is for a hypothetical nail salon, will be “kinda girly and shit”.

Thanks for coming to class with me! See you Friday, if I don’t see you before.

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