Ten Questions with Super Saiyan M: WordPressin’ 7

So we need to publish an interview on the Clark College WP site for one of our required articles. I decided to try to get a normal, everyday blogger to answer a number of my Mike Wallace-like probing queries. Reaching out to a blogger that I’ve developed a friendship with through comments, I asked Super Saiyan M to receive my third-degree.

A full-fledged super saiyan, this hero chooses to keep her civilian identity a secret known to few. But she is a real person, I assure you.

pic of super saiyan M

See? Totally real!

And here’s her bio, in her own words:

I am a perpetual college student, I have a degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology but I discovered my passion for helping people during my time as a Health and Wellness Peer Educator (a fancy title that really just means someone who talks to people about health promotion). I went through the blood, sweat and tears that go along with applying to nursing school. I got in and I am currently perusing my second degree in nursing and I love it. It was the greatest and most stressful decision I have ever made in my life. A close second is filling out all the paperwork for student loans, holy shit what have I done!? I hope to become a Wound Care, Ostomy and Colostomy Nurse (WOC Nurse) once I graduate and start working in the hospital setting. I have only recently started blogging on WP but the community makes me feel like I’ve been doing this forever. Things that I value the most are comedy, the willingness to seek knowledge out, and the power gained from empathizing with other people. On my free time I like to watch stand-up comedy specials, anything on Netflix, and…blog! Basically, sitting in front of a computer is my life now.

1) What made you want to start a blog?

I made a blog because I was bored and because I was going through some rough times, so I felt that it may be beneficial if I started projecting my emotions into writing. Equally helpful was that my friends were pushing me to start one as well for some time now, mostly because it was brought up in conversation that we needed additional ways of communicating since I left Facebook several years ago. I don’t think my blog was ever meant to be anything serious. I mean, look at the name I chose…that’s not something you go around advertising, lol.

(Dylan’s Note: The name of the blog is awesome. Just saiyan. And I’m not even a Dragonball fan, really.)

2) Do you blog anywhere else, or just WordPress?

I have used livejournal several years ago, but WordPress is my first “serious” blog. There’s been almost a decade between the two services.

3) What are some of the things you like the most about WP?

I like that it does everything for me! It gives me options for layouts, it lets me do drafts, it’s a great and easy blogging service.

(Dylan’s Note: M never mentions her fabulously hilarious cartoons, which I think really set her posts apart from others. And WP makes it very simple to place images and such.)

4) How would you compare the WP community with other social online communities?

I guess I can only speak for the communities I was a part of. For example, the WP community is far more into discussion and conversation than Tumblr (which I have used before). They are also very supportive of one another in the WP community, which is a fresh and welcomed change from the rest of the internet!

5) Where do you see yourself in the future with WP? Do you think you’ll always have a blog, or will you move on when it’s served its purpose?

It’s hard to say where I see myself in the future with regards to WP, mostly because I have trouble seeing where I will be in the future. I hope that I continue to set aside time (or have time) to blog. I have a lot of ideas for blog posts – so I really want to get that out there. I don’t know if I’ll always have a blog, but I also don’t know if there’s a supreme purpose to my blog either. I think the main purpose of my blog is to entertain myself. So I guess, theoretically, if I became bored with my blog, I would probably stop posting.

(Dylan’s Note: I hope she continues indefinitely.)

6)Your blog has gotten pretty popular in a short time. What are some of the ways you have built up your readership?

To be honest, I’m not sure how people find my posts. So I’m not sure how to answer the question of how I built up my readership! I can tell you that I didn’t use any social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or anything else to promote it. I think the most I’ve consciously done is reached out to the WP community through their writing challenges, and through that I’ve received positive responses! That being said, I don’t think I’m all that popular, as most of the people I follow have thousands of followers and I have but a fraction of that. Of course, I’m still having fun, regardless of how many people are paying attention. As I mentioned earlier, the blog was really pushed upon me by my core group of friends, which is comprised of about four people.

(Dylan’s Note: As of this post, M has 198 followers in two months just on word of mouth basically. I think those are pretty good numbers. )

7)Have you learned any useful things on WP that you feel will help you in your career/life?

Um, well, my career is completely unrelated to the internet. I will say that I think I’ve learned the power of readership, so if I were to want to get a message out there, with regards to a topic that closely impacts my career, I think I know that I could reach out to bloggers to spread the message. Blogging and life, that I think has been improved simply by learning about the stories of other bloggers and reading about their lives and struggles. I gain a lot of knowledge and understanding about the world around me through WP.

8)Any general tips for beginning bloggers?

This being my third month blogging, I have to say that I still feel like a beginning blogger! So from one newbie to another, I’d say just have fun with it.  I think people can tell if you’re just writing for the sake of filling in time or if you’re writing because something interests you. Always talk about things that hit close to home for you, those seem to garner the most responses from my readers.

(Dylan’s Note: Great point. A writer not only has to write what she knows, but in a universal way. The more honest you are with yourself, the more universal your posts will become.)

9)Do you take inspiration from other bloggers on WP? If so, which ones are your favorites?

I think I’m inspired by a lot of people and a lot of posts. I believe, in a more general sense, that inspiration can be found in any person, place or thing. Favorites are hard to choose because you have blogs that you go to read to unwind, you have blogs you go to laugh, and others you read to learn something new. I will tell you that I check Andrew Pollard’s http://mynerfherder.com daily for updates on news that I’m interested in (I’m a huge nerd,  I think anyone who reads my blog would see that immediately). There’s also a corresponding free podcast on itunes, I think everyone should check it out if that kind of subject matter interests them. I’ve also become a big fan of Aussa Lorens of http://aussalorens.com. She’s a great storyteller!

10)Can you believe there’s actually a college course on WordPress? Would you want to take one?

As cool as it is that there’s a college course on WP, I would probably not take it!  Currently I’m working on my second degree and I can honestly say I’m done with all schooling after my degree is completed!!! Of course, if someone were to start blogging about what they learned from their college course about WP (*cough* Dylan *cough*), I would totally read that. I think it is great that academia is acknowledging WP as a legitimate tool that students can utilize. I’m sure people who have careers that can benefit from blogging would get a lot out of such a course.

(Dylan’s Note: I do blog about the WP class. But not in the way she’s talking about it. Mainly, I just bitch about the workload.)

So go check out Super Saiyan M at her own blog. I read it agaiyan and agaiyan. Just saiyan.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Questions with Super Saiyan M: WordPressin’ 7

    • Thank you, thank you. It was fun. Appreciate the great answers! I put the (slightly) edited version on clarkwp.wordpress.com. I changed the picture to your transformation into supersaiyan.

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