The Words of Lorelle: WordPressin’ 8

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lorelle speaking5

This is Lorelle VanFossen. She’s damn glad to meet you.

So this week on WordPressin’  we are going to let Lorelle take over.  For those of you who don’t know, Lorelle VanFossen has been involved with WordPress since its inception as a consultant and early tester. She has been blogging since before “blogging” was a word. She has published many books and is a featured speaker at WordPress and blogger events all over the world. Here at Clark College, we are very lucky to have her guiding us through this class as her expertise and passion is unmatched. It is exhausting but rewarding to take a class with her. I can’t say enough, so I’ll stop(for now).

lorelle speaking

Lorelle laying the law down.

Most of these are not exactly direct quotes, but paraphrases of what I remember from her lectures and lifts from the class outline. In short, here are (some) of the words of Lorelle:

“Posts are timely content. Pages are timeless content.”

“Write to the audience you have in your mind. The smaller the better. Writing to one particular person is ideal.”

“Keywords are the key.”


(Oh, sorry, that was me.)

lorelle speaking2

Lorelle hears a Who

“Write how you kinda sorta like kinda talk.” (translation: Leave out most of the ums, kindas, likes. One may feel these add character to a piece, but they are not good writing. Or reading.)

“Tags are your index of words. They lead people to your blog and must be chosen carefully.”

“Blogs should be conversational in tone.”

“Oh, and there is a hot tub, clothing optional.”

(from Lorelle’s invitation to her annual Thanksgiving Party)

lorelle speaking3

When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on, its tragedy!

“Don’t take 200 words to get to your main point.”

“Don’t waste the reader’s time.”

“Fulfill the promise of your keywords and your title.”

(If they come to your blog for a specific reason, give them what they came for.)

“Benedict Cumberbatch.”

“Try not to use misleading, clever titles. The actual post should relate to the title.”

( A reader who clicks on a title like “Hot dwarf action” wanting some hot dwarf action will probably get pissed if the blog is actually about slow-cooked noodles.)

“Link dumps are forbidden. Take the few seconds to make the links pretty.”

(Use the insert/edit  link option in the text editor to turn a url into text. Looks a lot better.)

“Widgets are our friends.”

lorelle speaking4Shut up, Dylan. You’re disrupting class again.

“‘Uncategorized’ is not a category.”

“Content must have intent.”

“Hosting a blog is like inviting people into your home. You must have nice furniture.”

“You should own your own place on the web, both personally and professionally, representing your identity, authority and reputation well.”

“Horse sex.”

(Last lecture took some weird turns.)

The quarter will be wrapping up soon and this class  will come to an end. I’ll probably post only one more, maybe two, WordPressin’s to let you know how everything turned out.

And thanks, Lorelle. You’re the best.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *big kiss*

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2 thoughts on “The Words of Lorelle: WordPressin’ 8

    • Lorelle’s the master and most of the things she says are pure gold. The founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, dubbed her “WordPress Evangelist.” I should have put that in the post. Never too late to edit! Thanks for reading!

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