Or something like that. That title may not flow “trippingly from the tongue”, but it’s my major blog announcement.

Now I’ve noticed November is the month for bloggers to post everyday. There’s NaNoWriMo, NaPoBloMe, NaNoPotato, NaNoNaNo and all that kind of crap. But over here on T of V, we don’t play by others’ rules. We make our own.

In the interests of getting fully behind this blog of mine, and treating it as a vocation more than a hobby, I’ve decided to post every day. At least for a month. Therefore, I’m inaugurating


And it’s just what it says: throughout the month of December, I  am going to post something every damn day. That is a promise. We’re not going to cheat either. I’m not changing the format to a photo blog. I’m not going to post haikus all of a sudden and call it a damn day. I may rely on daily prompts a little bit, but I think I can do this shit. Because I want this blog to succeed and I want to feel more like a real blogger.

So you are warned.


is almost upon us.

cumberbatchin' 1

I challenge you to read Every Damn Day.

129 thoughts on “EvDaDaDec

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  8. I love EvDaDaDec! Sometime next year I’m planning to do KaShoStoMo– Kate’s Short Story Month. it won’t be an every day thing, but I decided my regular blogging days one month will be reserved for parts of a short story. I have yet to do any fiction on my blog so I thought that’d be an odd little opportunity.

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  29. Final Post Dear Friends, Good Things Don’t really End, Something Not Suddenly Is Coming Up, All The Best To You And Yours!



    Merry 23rd, 24th and Christmas. Happy cooking, eating and celebrating. Happy 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. Make resolutions and reflect. Happy 2014!

    EvDaDaDec 23rd through 31st. Happy Holidays To All And To All A Good Year!

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