So I’m reading blogs with my coffee today, and I notice there’s a lot of self-congratulation in the blogosphere today. All the NaNoPoMoFos are happy and satisfied with themselves for making it through a month of daily posting.

Just when we’re about to start.

Okay, NaNos, it’s on. You want to know something? December has one more day in it than November. Why don’t you all just pick February, you lightweights!?

Let’s show ’em what daily fuckin blogging is all about, EvDaDaDecs! Hell, I’ve already started (technically). Every Damn Day in December. Is anyone else with me?


That’s all right. Benedict and I can handle this.

benedict cumberbatch crying

You have….inspired me.

I know. See you tomorrow, Cumberbitches!

12 thoughts on “NaNoBloMe

  1. Last night I viewed Ricky Gervais, and I lost count as to how many times fucking or fuck was used, in his show, I note the use of what was considered obscenities in language, noting I have now been stranded here, down under for the past 38 years having been born in Stoke Newington, am to be fair, the lower classes, as a everyday use of language were familiar with obscenities such as is used by many British comics today.
    This coming out is now presumable a relief from the straight jacket of conformity or a license to go.
    I remember my Father whom had crawled up the social scale of respectability as a branch manager, the niceties as playing this role was in contrast to the obscenities of abuse within the biological family structure, this peculiar schism between the private and the public role became of interest to me, also elaborated upon by the R.D.Laing, ideology, now seems as if this is a somewhat past phenomena to be discarded as a historical anomaly, some Laingian insights in to the human psyche still remains somewhat significant today, as a underlying feature, nevertheless we still have pressing concerns, and need a temporary escape, the over riding tsunami of the market place, the economy, and the rest of the pantomime of confrontation that all reasonable people have, is still ubiquitous, and a correctness that increasingly is in a state of fragility, that the new found liberation and hilarity of words that were once forbidden as a common currency, can only go so far as a road to getting away from it all.

  2. Dylan, you may be way ahead of me on this nifty feature available on draft posts before hitting publish… If so, excuse this heads-up. I figure the EvDaDaDec group should have all the head start they want.

    As you’re writing your post in draft form (prior to publishing), off to the right is the “draft” button, the “preview” button, and right in there is the “publish button.” And right there is a “publish immediately Edit” icon. When you click on that edit bit – it opens to a calendar and you can schedule your posts for publication… So, if you’re feel a burst of energy and get a couple ahead, you can just schedule ’em….and maybe take a hot bath or something…

    I’m feeling smug because my first one, using this technique, is scheduled for 00:45 this a.m. and I plan to sleep in and still look virtuous… Best ~ HuntMode

    • Yeah, I don’t know why I don’t do that. I know about scheduling. I think I just like to go through a post, make sure I’m done with it, and then go publish: BOOM! I just like to be there when my baby is born into the world.

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