The End is Nigh: WordPressin’ 9

That’s right. The quarter at Clark College is almost over, and with it the WordPress class I’ve been blogging about in this series.

Check out my previous post here:

Lorelle has already given her last lecture, which was about Writing for the Web and Horse Sex. Specifically, the story of horse sex was about the post that drove most of the traffic to her blog and it was a hilarious tale. The moral was be careful what you post and what you want your blog to be known for. Sorry. That moral isn’t as funny as the story itself, but it’s really not my tale to tell, it’s Lorelle’s. Take her class someday and you might hear it!

Mostly in class now we are working in teams to make our final project. I have two guys in my group who are actually pulling their weight, which is astonishing in a group project. (Groups usually suck.) In fact, we are pretty much done with the task. We just need a bit more tweaking of the site and we’ll also need to slap together a PowerPoint reel for our class presentation.

The task is to create a WordPress site for a fictional company. Lorelle gave each team a very specific set of guidelines and things the site must accomplish. My team is The Reach Out and Touch Nail Salon, and the assignment describes it as a blog-driven site with a heavy visual element. Other teams’ sites are static sites, it varies from team to team. We put on a menu of services, an  about page for the staff, and dozens of posts relating to salon services, community events, etc. Also the owner of the salon, named Nailly Shelly, has written a book about her life and the site must promote the book, too.

Pretty cool final project! On top of that, we’ve had to clean up our personal sites for the class and contribute a final article for the Clark College WP site. So this course, as I’ve said before, has been the most work I’ve had in any class I can remember. But it’s been a fantastic class and I’ve gained a lot from it. I’m at least ten times the blogger today that I was when the quarter started.

I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do EveryDamnDayDecember without this class. I was just talking a few days ago with Lorelle about my plan to blog every day, and she nodded like it was nothing but natural. She said a blogger should blog every day. No big deal to the lady who posts five times before ten a.m. every damn day!

I’m going to post part 1 of my final class article tomorrow. Below are links to the class site and my team project site in case you’d like to check my work. Catch you later, EvDaDaDecs!

Clark WP

Reach Out and Touch Salon

Read part ten

6 thoughts on “The End is Nigh: WordPressin’ 9

    • Thanks a lot! Yeah, I’ve got series and everything. I’m going to put some time in next week and organize my archives a bit. Only got about forty posts so far….

  1. I know all about that unintended search traffic effect! The most popular post on my blog by far is about sexuality in cartoons, and that post itself was only inspired by the fact that after I introduced my Sandy Squirrel character in a totally innocuous post, I began getting flooded with searches looking for naughty drawings of her Spongebob namesake!

    I still give out the “Sandy Awards” at the end of every year for my favorite search terms that led to my blog. They are always a great source of humor…

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