Status Update for EvDaDaDec

Thought I would take a few minutes and do an update.

I haven’t been able to read many blogs over the last few days, so please be patient. Had to work on my final projects this weekend and they took up a lot of my time. But the quarter is done after tonight! I’ve got about 200 posts to read that have accumulated so I may not get to all of them this week. Mostly because you all keep posting new stuff all the time!

I told one of my classmates how I’m following about 150 blogs now and she thought that was a lot. How many do you guys follow? (My friend follows four.)

I’ve tried to keep up with comments and pingbacks, so that’s in good shape.

Hey, no one liked my Lana del Rey piece. You either hate me or her, I don’t know which.

Anyway, I’m not going to stop posting every damn day, so don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re going to like everything. *sniffle*

Now check this out that I copied from Blogdramedy:


{Here is it, the start of the Christmas holiday season. This means it must be time for BlogFestivus.

For 2013, we’re going with a Christmas classic. Just to see how far from traditional you bloggers can roam without totally losing the thread of this year’s theme.

Are we ready? Then here are the details.

1. It’s a short challenge. Just 5 stories over 5 days. From December 16 to December 20.

2. You don’t need to come up with a lot of words. Only 200 for each story.

3. This year, we’ll be writing to A Christmas Carol and you can make it a serial story or each piece can stand alone.

Day One: Ebenezer Scrooge
Day Two: Ghost of Christmas Past
Day Three: Ghost of Christmas Present
Day Four: Ghost of Christmas Future
Day Five: Tiny Tim

To mix it up a little, we’ll set the scene in 2013. Your stories can be naughty or nice. Based in reality or totally out there. You decide. It’s your blog. Video and audio posts count.

4.  You get to use the awesome artwork I designed just for this challenge on your own blog!

5. The writer who, over the course of the challenge, makes me laugh the most, will receive a tin-plated invitation to guest blog on Blogdramedy. (Word is…on the street? You could trade this for an empty Double Bubble gum wrapper. A collectors item!)

6. It’s free! There’ll be no PayPaling of any kind here on this blog. I want you to keep those pennies and treat yourself to something extra special this holiday season. Consider it my gift to you.}


My monkey and I are so there.

That’s the main reason I’m posting this update.

I thought this sounded up my alley, and in my wheelhouse, and it even burst my bubble. So T of V is going to participate. If any EvDaDaDecs want to join with me on this challenge, go to Blogdramedy and sign up! And each post will count as a damn day!

(Mine don’t. So I’ll be posting twice those days. For the real challenge, and extra imagination points, do what I do. If you dare….)

I guess that’ s all I have to say for now. See you tomorrow!

16 thoughts on “Status Update for EvDaDaDec

  1. I follow 825 blogs. I simply haven’t got around to your other post…give me a minute. 😉

    And don’t worry about visiting every day (to my site at least) – we’re all going to have busy days coming up, so we’re all in the same boat. 😀

  2. This actually sounds like fun. I will consider. But really — in December ?????? I haven’t done anything yet … Ho ho holyshit.

  3. I follow about 600 blogs. After the weekend is particularly bad and Monday mornings in work are spent reading and not going any work, at all.

    • That’s probably a wise decision, but very tough to stick to. There’s a ton of very entertaining bloggers. But hard choices sometimes must be made….:)

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