The Final Word: WordPressin’10

Did you miss the previous part of this series? Part nine is here….

So tonight was the last meeting of the WordPress class I took this quarter and have blogged about many times. It’s a bittersweet feeling, ‘cos it was such a great class and great people. We’ll never be all together in that combination again, you know? I’ll see most of them in other classes here and there since we’re all doing Web degrees, but this particular class will never be again.

All the final team websites were extremely well done. I was so amazed by everyone’s work. I’d love to link you guys to the sites, but they’re really not mine to link to and they’re set to private. But trust me: they were great.

I tried to get a feel for how the other students are with their blogging. Most of them aren’t writers but they took the class as part of the Web program. I’d classify the majority of the students as programmers and designers. A couple people were there to learn WP for their jobs and not for a degree. One dude is working on his FOURTH tech degree. We also had a few excellent artists in there who I was trying to get interested in putting original art on my blog. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Mainly this class focused on the technical and design side of WordPress and was not about how to write for the web, though along the way we did get many tips from our instructor Lorelle on Web standards and proper form. These were my favorite things. I also learned how to properly use widgets which I didn’t really fuss with my first couple months of blogging. We covered the differences between and self-hosted versions, where you can use plugins to enhance your site. I could go on and on. We covered a shit-ton of ground in these ten weeks!

This was one of the most useful classes I have ever had. I don’t know if I’ll ever use this degree (when I get it) to make money with, ‘cos I’ve decided to start pushing my writing more. But I’d been teaching myself more about the Internet and making websites and producing web content, so that’s why I went back to school. I figured might as well do the classes and get the degree. And this kind of class is what you go to school for. The experience is just as rewarding as the knowledge you gain.

Sadly, I don’t think most of the students are going to keep their blogs going. Maybe one other person is, Isobel from Days of Zora.  She wants to keep blogging. Go check her stuff out. I gave her a story I wrote to add cartoons to, so keep an eye out for that. She’s still messing with her site to get it how she wants it.

Anyway, big thanks to everyone involved with the class. Lorelle and Jeanette, her assistant. Troy and John, who were in my final group. And the rest: Jake, Nate, Jesse, Robb, David, Ivan, Michael, Isobel, Kat, Kenny, Jessica, Chelsea, Ryan, Martin, Michelle—I think that’s everyone. Good luck to all of you, and I’ll see you next quarter if not before.

And Benedict, as always.


Why are you so sappy? I’m just thankful the quarter is over!

Amen, brother! Now we can put all our energy into EveryDamnDayDecember, right?


Almost forgot to mention one other thing. It looks like I’m going to get to work like a slave, unpaid, on a massive website for the author Alan Dean Foster! Lorelle is a friend of his, and has been trying to clean up his site and update it. She’s collecting volunteers to make links and add content to the site. This incredibly prolific dude has over a hundred published novels and each one needs to be researched and given its own category on the site.

ADF is one of my favorite writers. I largely blame his book Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and the movie Logan’s Run for making me want to write. Those two childhood events were like electric jolts to my burgeoning creative life. So of course, when Lorelle mentioned this project to me I was like “Oh Yeah!”  Over the Christmas break we’re going to be working on it. How cool is that? I may not get much of a break, ‘cos she wants to get it all ready by first week of January. This is a bitchin’ thing to get to help out with, though.

I have a post about ADF. Click this sentence to read it.

See you tomorrow!

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