A Christmas Carol 2013


Ebenezer Scrooge

 “Ah, fuck me!” cried Ebenezer Scrooge.

With a quickness that belied his sixty years, Scrooge ducked into a nearby alley. He pressed his back up against the wall and held his breath, hoping he hadn’t been seen.

He had been. When the apparition’s arms flowed through the bricks behind him, Scrooge’s fear began to change to  irritation. This wasn’t fair!

The ghostly arms clutched around his torso, a luminous grey head now emerged from the wall and twisted round to look Scrooge in the face.

There’s no escaping your fate, Ebenezer Scrooge,” the nearly two-hundred year-old spirit croaked at him.

Scrooge’s panic at seeing the ghost on the empty street a moment ago was now fully replaced by a surge of righteous indignation.

Now look, Jacob Marley! You can’t do this to me. For Christ’s Sake, you weren’t even my partner. It was my great-great-great-great—”

A Scrooge is a Scrooge,” the spirit of Marley intoned. He completely stepped out from the wall now and hovered in front of Scrooge menacingly. “You knew this day would come.”

There’s no reason for this,” Scrooge insisted.

The ghost of Marley tsk-tsked in a harsh whisper. Then, he lifted his cloaked arms dramatically and fixed Scrooge with a sepulchral glare.

Tonight, you will be visited by—”

Scrooge interrupted Marley with a rude grunt.

Yeah, yeah,” he muttered. “I know the goddamn drill. If we have to do this, let’s just get on with it.”

…to be continued

The first part of the writing challenge BlogFestivus 2013–A Christmas Carol!

Here are the participants:

Amy penning at Fix it or Deal
Tom over at Shouts from the Abyss
Steve from Stevil
Maria-Christina blogging at MCWhispers
Dylan of Treatment of Visions (c’est moi!)
Sarah from Parent Your Business
Dawn blogging at Lingering  Visions
K8edid from k8edid
Dave bringing it at 1pointperspective
Eileen from Not The Sword But The Pen
Lindsey at RewindRevise
Kandy of Kandy Talk
Sandra writing at In Love With Words
Natalie from So I Went Undercover
Jen at Blog It or Lose It
Amelie from In the Barberry
Cee Cee blogging at Cee Cee’s Blog
Ashley from LittleWonder2
BD writing Blogdramedy

Come on, EvDaDaDecs! Throw in with us! I’m putting this up early so you should still have time.

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