Peter O’Toole

peter o'toole

Shame on me for not getting this up sooner.

Another of the greats has left us.

Sir Peter O’Toole was pretty much the last man standing of his generation of hard-drinking, hell-raising British actors like Oliver Reed, Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter Finch, that I love so much. All are gone or too old to party now.

peter o'toole in the ruling class

Peter O’Toole put his all into every role he played, and every party he crashed. He put his all into Life. And we got to enjoy the hell out of it all.

Fuck Academy Awards. I think he got an honorary one at some point, but never one for any of the memorable roles he played. The Oscars are such bullshit. Just think: Peter O’Toole got no Oscars. Cary Grant got no Oscars. I could go on, I think that’s a different post there.

So raise a glass of whatever you’re drinking to Sir Peter O’Toole. And don’t forget to pour him one.

peter o'toole

12 thoughts on “Peter O’Toole

  1. Peter, never at some time exposed the lie of Lawrence of Arabia, I have not gone to far in to Lawrence’s, sexual preferences, I have heard the Arab boys may have to be compliant in terms of social stature, but regardless whether true or not, what has not been portrayed is the betrayal of the Arabs, and Lawrence in my view is guilty of this crime.
    The movie may well be a classic, which I saw when it came out, nevertheless, still a romantic interpretation of what went on, and it all depends whether you see the movie as entertainment or its narrative is dishonest.

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