A Christmas Carol 2013, part two


The Ghost of Christmas Past

The spectre of past Christmases pulled Scrooge through the wall of his childhood home. There, by the fire in a plush chair, was Ebenezer’s grandfather. At his feet, sat the young Ebenezer himself.

Behold,” the ghost whispered.

Shut up! I think this is the good part,” said Scrooge.

—you read the book, Ebbie?” his grandfather was asking.

Eight-year-old Ebenezer tossed down the copy of A Christmas Carol by Dickens.

Yeah. So you’re telling me this story is true?”

The grandfather nodded solemnly.

And this crap is gonna happen to me?” Ebbie continued.

The elder Scrooge sighed deeply.

It’s a sad truth, Ebbie. Because of our surly ancestor, all of us descendants must undergo the same trial. At the age of sixty, on Christmas Eve, you will be visited—-”

Yeah, I get it. But the Scrooges are a good family,” Ebbie protested. “We have wealth, but give freely to others. We treat our employees like family. We honor Christmas more than anyone else possibly could.”

I know, Ebbie,” the elder Scrooge commiserated.

Even the first Ebenezer repented! He changed his ways!”

It doesn’t matter. One day, the spirits will come for you, no matter how you live. It happened to me, it’s going to happen to your father in about twenty years, and it will happen to you.”

The Ghost of Christmas Past stared at the current Scrooge.

Really?” the spirit queried.

Yep,” Scrooge affirmed. “How’s that for some fucked up shit?”

…to be continued

The second part of the writing challenge BlogFestivus 2013–A Christmas Carol!

Here are the participants:

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6 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol 2013, part two

  1. It’s hard enough atoning for one’s own sins of the past and present. This punishment serves an entire bloodline…harsh. Like the read!

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