Song for a Tuesday

I wrote a song! It  looks sort of like poetry, but it’s lyrics. Actually, I wrote these lyrics to the tune of a famous song. If anyone can guess what the original song was, I’ll award you ten T of V points! (points redeemable only in your imagination)

Hint: It’s an old song. It was a number one hit.

I’m Not on Facebook

I’m not on Facebook

so don’t go looking,

you will not find me in there anywhere;

I don’t post pictures

of what I’m cooking

I do not care

to show my status there;

I’m not on Facebook, no no


So if you’re stalking me

don’t get confused,

I haven’t yet gone upon that stage;

and if you wonder

where I bought my shoes,

don’t get enraged

when you can’t find my page;

‘cos I’m not on Facebook, no no


(it’s just because…)


it doesn’t appeal to me

to be in Farmville endlessly;


it doesn’t appeal to me

to look at snaps of everything you eat


I’m not on Facebook

but don’t you fret,

that doesn’t mean that I will never be;

you see I’m finding

my friends upset

that they can’t see

every tiny thing ’bout me;

I’m not on Facebook(not yet)

I’m not on Facebook



Sorry about the short post, though I’m not technically breaking an EvDaDaDec rule, ‘cos there aren’t any. But I feel like I’m slacking. Today, yesterday by the time you read this, I wrote the whole rest of the Christmas Carol story for the challenge. And I posted part two earlier, so I’m posting at least twice today. If someone famous I love dies, I’ll post again. That doesn’t sound weird at all!

Tomorrow, I’ll post part three of my Christmas Carol. Also:


I’m a-posting my latest acceptance speech.

Yeah, I got more fucking awards! Woo hoo! All right!

See you tomorrow….

14 thoughts on “Song for a Tuesday

  1. Aww, if it was a number one hit, there isn’t a chance I’d know it. I’m not on Fuckbook, and will never be…I don’t even own an effing tv, ha!

    Pre-congrats on the award.

  2. Does it count if I sing this to the tune of Frosty the Snowman and totally butcher your lyrics? I have just the puppy dog face to motivate you to say yes! I’m really enjoying the Christmas Carol Posts. Can’t wait to read it.

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