A Christmas Carol 2013, part four


The Ghost of Christmas Future

The grim, hooded ghost of Christmas Future pointed a skeletal finger down the grey hill. Scrooge snorted laughter.

Yeah, and here’s the bit where I spy my own grave and break down! I got a newflash for you, my spooky friend. Everyone dies. Let’s go have a look then.”

At the base of the hill was the Scrooge family plot. They were all here, from the first Scrooge to the current’s own Mum and Dad. (In his own time, they were not yet passed on.) He looked around fondly for a moment, then spotted the newest headstone. With a moment’s trepidation, he walked over and spent a time gazing over it.

Well!” Scrooge finally said. “I get another forty-three years! Not bad….We Scrooges were always a long-lived happy bunch!”

The gloomy spectre seemed to glare at Scrooge a minute. Then, it hovered over and peered through its hood’s darkness at the gravestone.

I don’t understand,” it finally said.

Ha! I thought you couldn’t talk!”

The dark spirit flung back its hood and looked at Scrooge with baffled eyes.

The engraving here says you were a community benefactor and a loving family man.” The ghost gazed around the site. “These flowers and gifts on your grave are recent. And the site is lovingly maintained.”

“Guess I made a few friends in life!” Scrooge said, wiping a slight tear from his eye. “And I’ve got a beautiful family that I’m so grateful for!”

I am befuddled,” the ghost went on. “Why are we spirits tasked with terrorizing you into changing your ways? Your ways are wonderful!”

Thank you, I appreciate that,” said Scrooge. “Why indeed? That’s the fucking question, isn’t it?”

…to be concluded

The fourth part of the writing challenge BlogFestivus 2013–A Christmas Carol!

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