The Fourth Nerd Triathlon: TV edition

In this running of the Nerd Triathlon, we’re going to acquaint you with three shows we are watching this season. As T of V normally ignores television, for me to watch even three new shows is a remarkable occurrence.

Are you watching?

Almost Human


This SF- styled buddy cop drama reminds me somewhat of Isaac Asimov’s classic robot novels. (Yes, I read.) In those, a cop with various mental traumas is forcibly teamed up with an android partner. That’s the premise of Almost Human as well, though it probably reminds most TV viewers of  Alien Nation, with the set design of Will Smith’s I Robot. Which had almost nothing to do with Asimov’s robot novels and sucked, in my not-so humble opinion.

But what about Almost Human? It’s almost great. A little bit formulaic for my tastes, but I think they’re still World-Establishing and later episodes will start taking new turns. So for now, I’m on board. The production values on this one are about as good as it gets. The chemistry between the partners is already there. I think it’s going to be a keeper.

And it’s got my man Karl Urban in it. You know him. He has a different look in every role, but he always makes this face:






What’s wrong with it? It’s a great face!

Indeed. So check out Almost Human. I expect good things.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield


Um, hold on a second. Slight glitch.


Ok, that’s better. Maybe…

It was obligatory for me to watch this show as I’m such the Marvel fan. Agents of Shield  follows the events of last year’s Avengers film. We get to finally see what SHIELD does on a day-to-day basis to find dangerous artifacts and deal with superhuman anomalies.

Unfortunately, the show has almost none of the stuff that people like from the movies. Agent Phil Coulson is here, though. Yeah, the one who died in the movie. Apparently, he just went to Tahiti. As of mid-season, only clues have been dropped about what actually happened. A lot of viewers think he’s a Life Model Decoy, which in the comics are fabulously authentic android copies of actual people. They have not been established in Marvel’s live-action arena outside of a throwaway Tony Stark line in Avengers. However, LMD’s have a limited functionality in the Marvel ‘verse as I understand it. I don’t believe one could impersonate a person every hour of the day. But then, very little of Coulson is shown except when the team is on a mission, so….the rumors abound.

Am I a clone? A robot? The Vision? Or is the whole show a dream?

Am I a clone? A robot? The Vision? Or is the whole show a dream?

(Or maybe, like he’s been told, Coulson only died for a few minutes and was revived. But….naaahhhh.)

How’s the show, though? It’s very tame. The producers appear to be reluctant to push this show to the edge. None of it’s terrible, just underwhelming in every way. What are they waiting for? If they fail to establish an identity to this program outside of the movies, it will never be good. So get on the ball, SHIELD! Damn!


dracula promo

I talked about the new Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Dracula a couple Nerd Triaths ago after viewing the pilot. Now six eps in I’m going to talk about it again, ‘cos HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT!!!

This bipolar Drac is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. He’s got a lot of the charm actors usually infuse this role with, but also he’s such a damaged individual that he really gets you on his side. Even when he’s ripping out an innocent barmaid’s throat, you’re going, “Well, he was just hungry. We’ve all got to eat.”

Most of the time, he acts very human. But the unholy creature aspect is never absent. Never. Other characters in the program see it, too, and their subtle reactions to him are a delight to watch. The inner conflict of the other players to just be in the same room with this intense and upsetting yet magnetic individual are well-played by Drac’s supporting cast.

And this show is so violent for NBC! It’s not True Blood violent, but you can count on a good decapitation or evisceration per episode. The pacing is excellent as dramatic climaxes also happen in every show where most TV makes you wait weeks for something to happen. As there are only ten episodes this season, that’s a matter of necessity I suppose. I personally wish most shows had a limited amount of eps ‘cos the quality suffers with the more hours that have to be shat out.

At this moment, Dracula is my favorite show, but I don’t watch much TV so take that for what it’s worth.


Actual scene!

I’m not clear if Dracula is a mini-series or a potential on-going program. Ten episodes have been made for the first season. That may very well be it. So check it out now!

Thanks for running with me and I’ll see you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “The Fourth Nerd Triathlon: TV edition

    • My man has a great grimace. It’s a work of art, I think! And the line of the year on TV so far: “Did you scan my balls? Don’t ever scan my balls!”
      Something like that….

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