The Planet of Dreams

“It’s coming up now,” Sam announced.

Helen ran her fingers excitedly over his back as she leaned over Sam and gazed at the monitor.

“A world of our own,” she said, half in awe. “Are we finally here? Can we actually be about to land?”

“It’s still five hours till we reach atmosphere,” Sam said. “Let’s rest. I’ll set the computer to wake us when we’re there.”

The couple didn’t sleep, though. They made love one last time then laid in bliss for awhile, talking over their dreamy plans for what they would do on their very own world. Regnas V had a climate very much like Earth in its mid-period, before man and industry had destroyed it. Sam and Helen shared for a thousandth time their vision of an agrarian utopia, a place where they would raise their children to love and work the land; these values would be passed on and on through the generations and Regnas V would become, in its way, a redemption for what humanity had done to its planet of birth.

“If only Michael and Theresa had made it,” Helen said wistfully.

Sam sighed, remembering the other couple that had started this journey with them. Theresa had caught something at the Titan colony, though what it had been they would never know. No one else had been affected by the virus. She died just as they jumped from Saturn space to the Regnas galaxy. Michael had been inconsolable, and had walked out the airlock without his suit two days later.

Whereas most of Earth’s remaining people were finding worlds to colonize in large groups, Sam and Helen along with Theresa and Michael had decided two young couples with the same ideas of a simple life would be better suited not to bring their homeworld’s problems with them. So the four had “borrowed” a small jump-shuttle and set course for the Regnas system, which had not been targeted by other colonists. Before leaving, Sam had even wiped Regnas from Titan’s memory in order that no one would follow them.

“You and I will make Regnas V an ideal world,” Sam promised Helen. “Maybe it’s a blessing that it will just be me and you, Helen. I think—”

A gentle buzzing rang through the shuttle then.

“We’re there,” Helen whispered.

“Yes, that’s the signal. Come on.”

They dressed and returned to the cockpit. Regnas V loomed in the full-screen monitor now, blue-green and as lovely as an untouched Earth. The atmosphere breach went without a hitch, and before they knew it, Sam and Helen had landed.

The pair stepped out onto the surface hand in hand. All around were fertile fields, pristine waters and healthy natural growth. The sounds of life touched them; the birds and animals thrived here.

Day was fading, and night would soon be upon them. Sam looked back at their shuttle.

“We’ll sleep there tonight,” he decided. “Tomorrow, we’ll begin breaking the shuttle down and making shelter out of it.”

“Yes we will.”

Sam and Helen jumped at the unexpected voice. When they turned, they saw a man’s figure walk out of the patch of trees near their clearing. Helen’s eyes widened with amazement and fear.

“Michael,” she gasped.

Michael chuckled at the pair. He spread his arms as if to share with them the world.

“I found myself here,” he explained. “This truly must be the Planet of Dreams.”

“This is impossible,” Sam said. “You’re dead.”

“Yet here I am,” Michael stated.

“If you’re here,” Helen said haltingly “then—”

Michael shook his head. “No Terry. She’s still dead. Apparently miracles don’t apply to my wife.”

“She might just be in a different place,” Sam put in. “This is a fairly large world.”

“I would feel her,” said Michael. “No. Theresa died. I tried to die. But didn’t.”

Helen glanced at Sam a moment, then clapped her hands together and walked over to Michael.

“This is a miracle,” she said, putting her arms around Michael. “I am so happy.”

Over her shoulder, Michael looked strangely at Sam. His face soon took on a grim aspect as he stared at Helen’s husband. Finally, Michael pushed Helen away but kept a grip on her arm.

“I won’t be the odd one out here,” Michael said. “I’d rather have stayed dead. But since I’m here, I want to live. This ‘plus one’ situation  is untenable, though.”

“What are you saying?” Sam asked with concern.

Michael gently set Helen to the side so she was not between the two men. Then, he picked up a length of wood about the size of a baseball bat. All the time, he stared at Sam pointedly.

“I think we all know paradise doesn’t have room for three,” said Michael.

The End

{So there’s the EvDaDaDec response to today’s Daily Prompt. Those are fun, I should do them more often. I treat it like a freewrite and I just see where it goes. To a dark place, usually. *sigh*

Check out the Dailey Prompt (see what I did there?) and have fun with it. Link is below if you haven’t checked it out today. See you tomorrow!}

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