The Planet that Didn’t Want to be Found, part two

A second shot narrowly skimmed by Stone as he fled towards his ship. He rolled behind the craft, hoping he was out of sight of the shooter, and drew his sidearm. But nothing else happened right away. For tense minutes he waited, fearing to move a muscle. He never noticed the person who crept up behind him until its hand was on his shoulder and flipping him over onto his back. The assailant then dropped a knee onto Stone’s chest and pinned him to the ground.

The person on top of Stone was huge….and not wearing a spacesuit! Other than those two outrageous facts, he looked human. Just much larger than human. Stone turned his head to view another giant walking his way, and two normal-sized people in slightly vintage spacesuits. One of the suited figures waved at him.

Once the two suited figures had reached him, Stone could make out their faces; a man and a woman, middle-aged. They looked at him with serious, but not hostile faces. The giant who was not holding Stone, went to Riley’s body and started removing it from the suit.

“We’re the Robinsons,” the woman said. “Stella, Phillip, Roy and David.”

“I feel bad about your friend there,” Phillip said sadly. “Roy thought he had to be stopped, so he just shot him. It really wouldn’t have made a difference if your friend had left, because he’d have had no memory of this place anyway.”

The giant on top of Stone grimaced down at him sheepishly.

“My bad,” the monster croaked.

“Go ahead and let him up now, Roy, and go help David,” Stella ordered.

The so-called Roy picked Stone up and set him on his feet, then trudged over to join the other hulk. Stone did a quick check to make sure his suit was undamaged. He tucked his sidearm back into its slot for now. When he was good and ready, he glared at the couple in front of him.

“My name is Stone. So what the hell is going on here?” he demanded.

“We had an emergency landing here about twenty years ago,” Phillip Robinson started to explain. “We’ve managed to survive on the provisions stowed on our ship. Plus, this world has its own ways—“

“Don’t fuck with me,” Stone cut him off. “Nothing could live here for twenty years!”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, mister,” Phillip insisted.

“You two might be human, but that doesn’t explain those beasts.” Stone pointed at the two giants, who had extricated Riley’s corpse from the suit and were preparing to dump him in the sea.

“Those are our boys!” Stella said indignantly.

“You see, they were still infants when we crashed here,” Phillip took over calmly. “This world enhanced their development so that they could live here unaided.”

“How are they breathing?”

“Yes, well, we’re not really sure. This atmosphere is ninety percent methane. But there are bacterium in the air that we think may have formed a symbiotic relationship with the twins.”

“That’s insane,” Stone said. “That would mean there’s life here.”

“The bacterium are life,” Stella commented. “They produce the methane that now dominates the atmosphere. But this world has essentially been dead for hundreds of thousands of years. There is no animal or plant life.”

Stone watched the monstrous twins slide the body of his partner into the boiling sea. Like an acid, the waters started breaking down the corpse immediately. He couldn’t help but give Riley a final bow; the man had been kind of an asshole, but he’d been a good partner in crime.

“See you around, Riley,” Stone said under his breath. “Hopefully not too soon.”

“Again, we’re so sorry about your friend,” said Phillip. “The boys just assumed we couldn’t let you leave.”

“But why don’t you want anyone to know of this world?” Stone wondered. “Don’t you want to be rescued?”

“It’s not us,” Stella corrected him. “It’s Shaitana.”

“Shaitana?” echoed Stone. “That your daughter or something?” He glanced at the Robinson boys and shuddered at the thought of a female like them.

“That’s the name of this planet,” Phillip explained. “She doesn’t want to be found. She wants to be left to die in peace.”

“Wait a fucking minute,” Stone said. “You talk like this rock has feelings.”

“Shaitana says she doesn’t like you much,” one of the twins spoke up. The pair now stood somewhat menacingly to Stone’s right. “You were thinking of plans to exploit her.”

“I just thought this would be a nice place for a casino,” Stone mumbled. “But that’s beside the point now. Now I just want the fuck out of here.”

“That’s fine,” Phillip put in. “But just know, Shaitana will wipe your mind clear of all knowledge of this place.”

Stone stared at the family Robinson.

“You are one crazy bunch of castaways. You act like this planet is sentient. Like it speaks to you!”

“She is sentient and she does speak,” said Stella. “But only the boys can hear her.”

“She once had people here,” David spoke for the first time. “Long, long ago. They were not like my family. They were more like you and your friend. And she suffered and suffered until they all killed themselves off. She still feels the pain you caused her, and she won’t ever let it happen again.”

“I caused her!” Stone repeated angrily. “I wasn’t here, junior!”

“People just like you, she says,” Roy continued. “I was right to kill your friend. It’s justice. You should die, too.”

“No, Roy!” Phillip said sternly. “That’s not necessary. Mr. Stone will leave and never return. That will be enough.”

Roy and David regarded their father and mother, shaking their heads.

“Not this time,” said Roy. “Shaitana is angry and wants him dead. We will do what she wants.”

…to be continued

{Four more days and EvDaDaDec will be over! Almost there now. I don’t know if I accomplished everything I wanted to this month, but it’s been interesting.

I think this story will be done in three parts, but it might take four. If Shaitana has more to say, I’d better let her say it! See you tomorrow…}

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