Falling Down

So many times in life we fail, we fall, we lie broken. Speaking metaphorically now. Lurchingly, we pick ourselves back up time after time, and stagger forward some more on our life’s trail. We then plod on till we again fall. Each time we have to pick ourselves up it’s a bit harder, more strenuous, and the subsequent steps we take become more and more faltering, tenuous. Often we find ourselves merely slogging forward in anticipation of slipping backward again. And the next time we fall….will that be the final fall? Will we finally not be able to rise again? Should we even bother if the scant progress we make is inevitably going to be interrupted and pushed back by our next fall? Are we accomplishing anything? What’s the point? Continue reading

Why Man of Steel is a Classic, part two

Last Friday, I posted the opening salvo of my war on Man of Steel haters.

{READER: Last Friday, he says? Hasn’t it actually been more than a month?

T OF V: Allow me to explain: Shut the fuck up.}

Again, SPOILERS LIE AHEAD. Continue reading

Let’s Meetup!

So this is for my fellow pacific northwest bloggers.

Monday night the 17th, there’s a meetup in Portland for WordPress bloggers. And I’m going to be there!

Not as the speaker. Still merely an attendee. If you buy me coffee, I might sign an autograph for you though!

Yeah, ego aside this should be a good meeting. The topic of the night is How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Content Marketing Conversions. My nipples are already hard.

The tickets are free and I hear that there’s sometimes free food. Or, remember the South Park movie?


{By the way, I know I totally suck at blogging right now. Man of Steel part two is only half done and I’ve got nothing else. I’ve got no explanation except maybe I’m still hungover from EveryDamnDayDecember. It’s a disgrace. But I’ll be back someday full force!}

Anyway, if you’re a WordPresser, and you’re in the Portland area, cruise on over. I’d love to meet you! Follow the link below and down the rabbit hole.

Click this sentence to go to the RSVP page.

A Damned Shame

So in the midst of something of a chaotic weekend, the news of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely passing hit me hard. Not only for the loss of a great talent (I do love this guy’s work), but also for the way he was taken from us–apparently by the demon Heroin.

This is an issue we’re going to learn more about as the investigation into Mr. Hoffman’s death continues, and this quickie post is not to launch an anti-drug crusade other than to say:

This should not have happened.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman leaves behind a body of work that inspired and often amazed me. Not enough can be said about the detail and humanity he invested into each character he played. But the worst part is that he leaves behind friends and family, including three children, who must be feeling not much else except:

This should not have happened.

hoffman dead