Can’t We All Just Get Sensible?

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So this is a quick plug for a website called Sensible Liberty. It’s a political and social issues blog started by a friend of mine from school named Ryan Gilbert, a conservative christian veteran.

The cool part is he asked me to contribute. Even though I am none of those three things.

That’s because Ryan wants this blog to have a variety of voices, which I am all in favor of. Now I’ve only got one article up so far, so if you go to the blog you’ll note a decidedly libertarian bent to the tone of Sensible Liberty. But from what I know about Ryan he is very sincere about having a place where different views can be aired without bile and hyperbole. He wants to run a joint were civil discourse is the order of the day, no matter what we may disagree on. He and I share the belief that, in all the essentials, people are not all that different.

We’re just getting started. I’m trying to get into a rhythm where I can get Ryan an article a week for SL while still devoting time to my own blog. (Not to mention school and work and…oh yeah, that’s it. I almost said “social life”, but school and work are my social life.)

Plus you guys!

kitten hugs

**Hugs and stuff**

Okay, now that the hugs are out of the way, one more damn thing. At this moment, T of V has 250 followers. Ten minutes ago, I had 251. Now who the fuck jumped off the bus? Huh? Who just broke up with me? How dare you?!? Why I oughtta—




**********eh, I don’t know where I was going with that. I’ll just pick up another follower tomorrow. Don’t sweat it. 

Scoot on over to Sensible Liberty using the handy link I’ve placed below this paragraph, check out my article and, even if you’re a liberal, don’t be afraid to poke around a bit. There’s some interesting reading on there. See you later…


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