Fred Phelps

So Fred Phelps died Wednesday from what I only hope was a very painful and soul-shattering illness.

This is not a tribute. I’m not a believer in Hell, but I hope this piece of shit ends up there.

fred phelps

A true real-life villain.

Brother Phelps was the founder of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. They’re renowned for their proliferation of christian messages like the following:


This cheerful cunt is the villain’s daughter, Shirley Phelps-Rogers. She will probably try to continue the family business of evil.

Made up almost exclusively of Phelps’ extended family, the WBC boasts only about one hundred members, joyously united in bigotry and vileness. It is not actually affiliated with any sane religion. (I’ve been to a Baptist church when I lived in the south. I thought they were nuts, but not evil.) As a matter of fact, Phelps considered it a great sin for anyone to preach of God’s love and forgiveness. Phelps once scornfully told a reporter “Can you preach the bible without preaching the hatred of God? The answer is absolutely not.” This paragon was certain that god had nothing but hatred and contempt for those who strayed from his version of morality.

These lowlifes used to crawl out of their holes and picket funerals of gays, waving nauseating signage in the bereaved’s faces. WBC first got national recognition for protesting the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man who was viciously beaten to death in 1998 by people who considered themselves christian.

Phelps’ followers also took to picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, interpreting these deaths as god’s judgment on America’s growing tolerance of gays. They even crashed celebrity funerals ‘cos publicity, yo? These people are fundamentally fucked-up and doctrinally disgustipating.

In celebration of a person’s life, I would normally suggest raising up your glass. Fred Phelps did not live a life worth celebrating. So how to commemorate the death of an evil, disgusting man?

T of V proposes that each one of you grab a person of the same sex and give them a passionate kiss, gay or not. Or at least hug a same-sex person. And may that be Fred Phelps’ last view of earth as he is dragged down to fucking hell.


gay protest of wbc

Kiss my fabulous ass!

9 thoughts on “Fred Phelps

  1. They picketed at my boyfriend’s friend’s funeral who was a fallen soldier. My boyfriend served with him and said seeing that when he left the funeral was shattering. So yes, agreed, Fred is hopefully burning. And that picture is awesome.

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