Mein WordPress Kampf, part two: Every Damn Day and Afterwards

dancing hitler gif

So where were we?

Sometime last November I noticed that just about every blog I looked at was in the midst of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. The goal of this exercise in sadomasochistic blog-flogging is to write a thousand words of a novel every day while also blogging daily about the experience.

The daily blogging seemed challenge enough to me without the gimmick. To me, it’s not about the quantity but the quality. Sure, I could get something up on a daily basis, but was it worth it? Some bloggers put up stuff almost every day, but let’s just say some days are better than others–know what I mean? I never wanted to put up posts just to put up something.

Ha! I’ve broken that rule a time or two since I began T of V. And though I’ve pretended I was sorry, I was never that sorry.

Well, before you could say NaNoBloMe, I knew I was going to take the month of December and blog every damn day, regardless of quality. The title of my challenge wrote itself.

every damn day


But would I just do it, or should I promote it? I only had about ninety followers at the time, so was it even worth promotion? Then I got drunk one night and put up the first boastful blurb about how awesome it was going to be. I even Sticky-Posted the motherfucker so it would be the first thing anyone would see when they hit my joint. Sober Dylan would just have to suck it up and make it work.

Actually, sober Dylan isn’t much better than the drunk version, because he not only put up another couple of blurbs, but also went to spam several other blogs’ comment rolls to invite other people to join in. (The comments were probably done when I was tipsy, too.)

drunk baby

My ego got stroked by some very nice reply comments and folks even wrote that they wanted to participate. Six or seven other people, I think. Maybe eight. It wasn’t a lot of people, but it was nice and made me feel vindicated and appreciated for my little entertainments. More than that, EvDaDaDec became real and took on a new life outside my mind.

Now, I actually had to pull it off.

Since my blog is kind of anonymous, in that I don’t post selfies or talk about my personal life, I thought I would use Day One to post a list of facts about myself. The trick is giving enough information that it says something about oneself, but not too personal. Let the reader think they’ve learned a little bit about me without sharing anything much! I’m not into playing a confessional role on a blog, I prefer to keep it entertaining. So we started with a list of facts that were marginally revealing. No one’s ever asked for more, and I left it at that.

mst3k joel

The first week of EvDaDaDec was pretty much laid out before I started. I’d already written half of the posts and knew what the others would be. But by Day Nine, I had to post a fucking haiku just to put up something. Even Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t get behind me that dark day. But also during the first week, I had found a writing challenge that I liked that was set to run for five days right before Christmas and that would basically take care of another week. During the run of the Christmas Carol update, I actually posted twice a day, quite proud of myself (even though the posts were a little shorter than normal for me).

Through the magic of reposting a couple of times (stories that nearly no one had read the first time they went up!), I made it to the last week. ‘Twas then I decided to use the WP Daily Prompts to carry me to the finish line. That was fun writing impromptu stories and posting them almost immediately. I’d like to do more of that, and I should. It’s so opposite to my nature of sitting on stories for weeks and sometimes years before I think they’re worthy of anyone seeing them. A writer grows and improves the most by pushing themselves in sometimes uncomfortable directions. It’s just like sex. You don’t want to do it the same way every time, it can get boring.

That is how I (and my seven or eight minions) got through posting every damn day for the month of December. And what happened to my stats? Well, my views went up an average of about five times what they had been per day, and my roll of followers went up to over two hundred, slightly more than doubling in a single month.

borat success

Successful? Yeah, I wasn’t unhappy. It’s not like I was blowing up, but December showed me that maybe I should keep going. The blog was worth it. But to this point I’d been almost exclusively focused on putting up content. The fact that I was still using the same theme we’d been told to use in 101 was bugging me. Plus, I still needed to get more social, both on the various media (FB, the Twitters, etc.) and also WordPress itself.

Unfortunately, T of V is not my job. I don’t make money from it. For the foreseeable future, I can’t justify putting in more than an hour or two at a time into the blog. And that precious time has to include not only writing posts and responding to reader comments, but also reading others’ blogs and commenting on them and etc. And because I devoted December to WordPress, I had picked up a shit-ton of blogs that I was following. (As of this moment, I’m following 489 blogs.) I wanted to read them all, because they are worth it. As of today, I am still reading blogs from late January. Every day I fall further and further behind.

WordPress is so great, and there’s so many fantastic blogs and peoples on here. It’s easy to be on here for hours and hours till you’ve filled a whole day. But we’ve all got other shit to do, too. Stuff that pays our bills, or studying for classes. I wish I could devote more time to WP, but I just can’t. And if I can only be on here an hour or two a day, well…that’s hardly worth it, is it?

benedict cumberbatch

Just…tell them…

Yes, you’re right. Though it grieves us to make this decision, quite sadly, Benedict and I have to announce our retirement from WordPress.



…….what? I’m not joking….


………………………………………………………….\Ok I’m joking.

benedict cumberbatch laughing gif

We’re not going anywhere! Stay tuned for part three, where I’ll talk about blog awards, Benedict Cumberbatch, and what I want to do with this blog heading into the future.

By the way, here’s a list of the other bloggers who did EvDaDaDec:

  1. Myas – A Tragic Lady But No TB
  2. Lindaghill
  3. More At Forty (Five)
  4. Container Chronicles
  6. Chasing Rabbit Holes
  7. Joeyfully Stated
  8. I think that was it….keep thinking there was another that I’m forgetting. Please let me know!

So I’ll see you all next Friday if I don’t see you before…

21 thoughts on “Mein WordPress Kampf, part two: Every Damn Day and Afterwards

  1. Leaving?!? You really frightened me for a minute. My jaw even dropped!


    I had no idea you were lit when you started it. My counts did go up. But December was a bad month for daily blogging! Oh sometimes I was just so tired!

    Another whew! lol

    • No, it was a sober scheme. I was just going to be all stealthy about it. The bragging post I put up about it being all awesome and challenging people to join was when I was lit! In hindsight, I would still do it. December is a cruel month to try to be entertaining every damn day, but that was part of the challenge….

  2. Ah, but it was so much FUN, wasn’t it? 😀
    Oh hey, while I’m here, I’ve got this little thing going on called Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and it’s every bit as awesome as EvDaDaDec! Swing on by and join in tomorrow! (Disclaimer: Am drunk)
    Cheers, my dear.

  3. You are Bratacus…glad I read my reader to the last comment first or my gullible self would have believed! I still kind of said wtf? 😛

    The disco meme made me laugh…watch out John Travolta.

    Drinking a bit now…see you for part trois…maybe…well definitely. :-p

    • No way I’d quit now, I’m really just getting started. I just didn’t know how to end the piece: should I just say “thank you, good night” or fuck with people a little? Guess which one I will usually pick…

  4. Ugh, I know the feel. I follow so many great blogs that I have to spend whole days just reading and as much as I would love this to be my full time job, it isn’t. Also, all the cookies in the world for your “excellent comment” comment. It nearly made me spit out my water!

  5. I was impressed that you made it — every damn day. I read many of them. I tried the novel equivalent. Never again. Nope. Never. Total failure.

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