The Hydra in Winter: T of V Reviews a Movie That Just Opened in Theaters!

So yeah, I went to the cinema for one of my bimonthly visits. What did I see?

You can’t seriously be asking me that! A new Marvel movie just came out. Whadja think I saw?

No spoilers ahead….but just barely.

The buzz and early reviews on Captain America: The Winter Soldier have been marvelous. Right off the bat let me say it’s the best solo Avenger film yet. Easily. The buzz is spot-on this time. The action is amazing, the fights are brutal and intense, the emotional and dramatic stakes are high, and the story is even engaging.

This one has a plot, people! I mean, in a superhero film a plot is a bonus. Yeah, it still mainly exists to get the characters from set piece to set piece. But Winter Soldier, in my opinion, has the best plot yet of any Marvel film. As well as having enough action to satisfy even my ADD ass.

Smacking the audience right in the face is that the premise of the film is a not-so veiled look at our very own NSA-spying, drone-killer world of today. SHIELD of the Marvel ‘verse, though, has raised the stakes even higher: three new stealth Helicarriers are about to be launched with the capability of striking any single target at any time, anywhere on the planet.

When director Nick Fury runs this by Cap early in the film, Steve Rogers’ reaction is “Motherfucker! Fuck to the fuck no!”

captain america

Yes, but I would never use such salty language—

Point taken. Sorry.

This eventually leads Cap to quit SHIELD. Then they try to kill him. Oh! Oh! And then?!?

This dude shows up.

winter soldier

Cap fights him.

cap and winter soldier

Not actual fight scene…

Um…some stuff ensues.

Look, I’ve already promised no spoilers and you can’t really even do much of a synopsis of this film without spoilers. But I can tell you Cap’s partner from the swingin’ seventies shows up, too.

The Falcon!

cap and the falcon

But he doesn’t look like that in the movie. The movie version is this:

the falcon

Better? Eh, you decide for yourself. I personally love the comics better, but I realize when you literally translate a comic book onto the big screen it can turn out pretty damn dorky.

Turns out, bad as you think SHIELD is, it’s even worse than you thought. SHIELD is actually two agencies in one as we find out HYDRA (you know, the Red Skull’s division from Captain America one?) is quite alive and well thank you, and has thoroughly infiltrated SHIELD.

What would Coulson think?

agent coulson

What was that? HYDRA? Enh…it figures

He’d also probably think “I wish my TV show was better.” But I digress.

So go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There’s tons of action, betrayals, twists, and romance…scratch the romance. There is a kissing scene, kind of.

Okay, so what didn’t I like about it? Well now….

red skull

Vere vas I?

Exactly. The Red Skull wasn’t in this movie. The Red Skull did not come back. (Not officially anyway). I really wanted him to come back. Hopefully Marvel is not done with this character that seemingly died at the end of Cap’s first solo movie by being sucked into the Cosmic Cube…I mean tesseract. But come on! Without the Skull, Captain America is almost meaningless. The Red Skull is his number one foe through all the years! You can’t have Spidey without the Green Goblin, you can’t have Hulk without General Ross, you can’t have Iron Man without the Mandarin—

trevor in jail

Kiss my rings, bitch.

Aw shit, why did I remind myself?

The Red Skull simply cannot remain dead. He has to come back to the movie universe. I am still holding out hope that they just chose to hold him off till the third Cap movie or something. There was a lot going on in this movie. But he’d better be back. The film does have a couple things that could be clues to his eventual return that I won’t write here ‘cos spoilers. And the fact that HYDRA comes back is quite nice. I’m very happy about that turn of events. So I’m not mad, just slightly disappointed.

(And sorry, Jaded One. No Hawkeye. Don’t know why they couldn’t slip him in there. They just didn’t. But he’s in Avengers 2 next summer. Let the long wait begin…)

All that being said, I loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Using the basic IMDB rating system, I would give it about an 8.8 out of 10. As an action spy thriller, it’s damn near flawlessly executed. But more importantly, where do I rank it among the other Marvel movies?

If you saw my post Ranking the Marvel Movies, you saw how I put everything in order of how I liked it.

The top six were:

6. Spider-Man

5. X2: X-Men United

4. The Amazing Spider-Man

3. X-Men: First Class

2. Spider-Man 2

1. The Avengers

Spider-Man is no longer number six.

tobey maguire

W-W-What? H-How could you?

Sorry Maguire, but you read that right! Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now my sixth favorite Marvel film of all time! (so far edition!)


I know that’s not quite as dramatic as if it were my new number one, but top six is pretty fucking sweet.

See you next Friday, if I don’t see you before…

captain america retro poster




5 thoughts on “The Hydra in Winter: T of V Reviews a Movie That Just Opened in Theaters!

  1. Thanks for the review with minimal spoiler. 8.8 out of 10 is not too shabby. It sounds badass and must see! No Hawkeye? Probably had to do with salary negotiations and all that…

    • DId you see it yet? (Late reply) It is a badass action movie, pretty violent for a Marvel superhero film. That’s a good thing. A lot like a Marvel version of Taken or a James Bond thriller.

  2. Sounds good, I’m still sulking because my flatmate took my brother along to see the new Spider-Man film on Sunday without waiting for me to get back! Especially when they were both raving about it.

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