Hi, my name’s Dylan Dailey. Yes, that’s my real name. I’m just this guy. I write stuff. That’s obvious. Someday I hope to be a real boy! I mean, writer, a real published writer. I post every Friday, sometimes more. On my blog you’ll find stories I’ve written, topics I have an opinion on, and sometimes I just ramble. What else is there? I like what I like and do what I do. Do be do be do….
On this site you’ll find stories…that category is for original fiction or maybe a (more or less) true tale from my past. Outbursts is basically a category for rants, opinions, etc. You should probably beware of the etc. Mania is where I will share something I love out there in the world, be it a film, book, or even something real. I also just throw weird shit into this category, so be warned. Rambles are usually harmless interludes, analogous to a stroll through the meadows of my mind. Not as focused as outbursts, but generally a bit more gentle. Still, it’s my mind we’re wandering through, so watch your step. If I create other categories as I go, they’ll probably be more self-explanatory.

In other words, welcome to my blog! Have fun, don’t take anything too seriously. It’s all entertainment.

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Maya Angelou

So I wanted to say goodbye to the amazing Maya Angelou. She enriched the world with her brilliance and her humanity.


maya angelou 6

This spectacular lady did it all. Even won a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

maya angelou 2

I think she spoke not just of pride of oneself but what it was to be human. Truly human, and humane, which should go along with being human.

maya angelou 4

She always seemed fearless to me, and I loved that she could combine that fearlessness with such a beautiful and hopeful outlook on the world. Even at its darkest, Maya never stopped believing in the light.

maya angelou 1

I am not like that (I do know how to laugh at myself, though.) But I am not always hopeful. I wish I could be, and I am trying hard. Maya is one to look up to and emulate in this regard. (And those lines rhyme intentionally, yes.)

So goodbye, Maya Angelou, and thank you for the inspiration. Now I’m done ‘cos I want everyone to go read some of her words. Go!

maya angelou 5

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