A Most Sensible Video

Check out this video if you please.

That’s not my voice in the clip, that’s Ryan’s. At first I thought it might be Batman…

I’ve got an article on Immigration Reform on the site, with more to come. In case you’re wondering, my article went up word-for-word just as I wrote it. Sensible Liberty is set up so you can follow the site or follow an individual author or both. Now that’s my last plug for a while. I’ll slip in another link to the SL site right after this.

KaBlAMMM! Go to Sensible Liberty!

Didn’t post Friday ‘cos I posted twice Thursday night. But Friday is still my weekly date for posting a new article. This Friday, I’m going to tell you about my first months on WordPress. If I post something between now and then, consider it a bonus.

benedict cumberbatch soulful

I shall continue staring soulfully into your eyes till next we meet…

Can’t We All Just Get Sensible?

SL logo

So this is a quick plug for a website called Sensible Liberty. It’s a political and social issues blog started by a friend of mine from school named Ryan Gilbert, a conservative christian veteran.

The cool part is he asked me to contribute. Even though I am none of those three things.

That’s because Ryan wants this blog to have a variety of voices, which I am all in favor of. Now I’ve only got one article up so far, so if you go to the blog you’ll note a decidedly libertarian bent to the tone of Sensible Liberty. But from what I know about Ryan he is very sincere about having a place where different views can be aired without bile and hyperbole. He wants to run a joint were civil discourse is the order of the day, no matter what we may disagree on. He and I share the belief that, in all the essentials, people are not all that different.

We’re just getting started. I’m trying to get into a rhythm where I can get Ryan an article a week for SL while still devoting time to my own blog. (Not to mention school and work and…oh yeah, that’s it. I almost said “social life”, but school and work are my social life.)

Plus you guys!

kitten hugs

**Hugs and stuff**

Okay, now that the hugs are out of the way, one more damn thing. At this moment, T of V has 250 followers. Ten minutes ago, I had 251. Now who the fuck jumped off the bus? Huh? Who just broke up with me? How dare you?!? Why I oughtta—




**********eh, I don’t know where I was going with that. I’ll just pick up another follower tomorrow. Don’t sweat it. 

Scoot on over to Sensible Liberty using the handy link I’ve placed below this paragraph, check out my article and, even if you’re a liberal, don’t be afraid to poke around a bit. There’s some interesting reading on there. See you later…

Sensible Liberty.com

WTF WordPress? Damn.

fry frowning

So I thought the fish story went up before my preview post, and somehow it didn’t. WordPress is sometimes a cruel mistress.

vader broken saber

Everyone, just pretend you read the damn fish story first and then the preview. Now it makes more sense, yes?


Now that I have you here, though, there’s another item I could have mentioned in previews. I’ve been playing the NBA 2K14 game for PS4, specifically the MyCareer mode and it’s awesome. You create a player, he gets drafted, and you work your way through an NBA career. I’ll probably post about my dude’s stellar career from time to time, too. (Until I get tired of the game, I guess.)

This post is a disgrace. Please don’t like it.

wonka burn

T of V Preview of Coming Attractions

Happy Friday!

So winter quarter has begun at my school. Also, I have a PS4 now. Therefore, my dear readers get this excuse-laden post for why my blogging has slowed down.

sorry brother

sorry jack shepard

sorry thranduil

sorry neil patrick harris

It’s not an apology, ‘cos I’ll blog when and what I want to. Just thought I’d let you know a little bit of what’s up.

I put up the first part of the three-part Fish Tale earlier today. Mainly, I did this because I had nothing else good enough. Certainly, I planned to put this story up at some point. I think it’s pretty funny, but a lot of the jokes won’t completely come across because it’s an inside story. In other words, the three characters represent actual beings who exist in the world. It still mostly works on its own as a trippy allegory, so there you go. Parts two and three will go up Monday and Tuesday, I think.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on an epic Man of Steel post that will attempt to answer most people’s criticisms of the movie. I think it’s a classic, but many don’t. So that post is going to persuade you that the movie is awesome, and a classic. But it’s not ready to go yet. I should have it up next Friday. Spoilers will be prevalent, so see the movie first.

man of steel

My film is as awesome as I am handsome.

Meanwhile meanwhile, I’m also working on a second post of random facts about myself. I’d like to open it up for questions. If there’s something you’d like to know about moi, please put it in the comments. Won’t promise an answer, but questions will be appreciated. Nothing’s really off limits, but you can expect sarcasm.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, I have another award post to do. But it’s not for the big one that I really wanted. Should anyone feel moved to do so, just give me the goddamn blog of the year bullshit already! I probably haven’t earned it, but come on! Would it kill you to toss me one? The fuck do you care?

I hereby award every blog on WordPress the Blog of the Year.

See? It’s simple. Now give me one. I’d just do it myself, but that’s onanistic. (Google it.)

I’ve got three courses going at Clark this quarter. Algebra, Web Design and User Experience Design. I’m thinking of blogging the UX class like I did WordPress last quarter. Does that sound like a good idea? Would people prefer I blog about algebra? If so, weirdo, let me know. Web Design is a tech class, but UX has a lot of content that could be of interest to bloggers who would like to maximize their site for usability. So look for that post-series to start in about a week and a half, I think.

Other than that, I’ll just post what I want when I want. There’s no strict theme on T of V. Does anyone think there should be? Are there things you would like me to do more? Or less? Again, I won’t promise anything. But I will listen.

And notice how sneakily I got up two posts in one day? Pretty slick for a blogger who’s slowing down, huh?
Now, ‘scuse me. It’s not that BC and I don’t love you, but

the cumberbatch

We’d rather be on the PS4…

Happy Hiddleston New Year


Happy New Year from Treatment of Visions

{Yeah, that drunk Cumberbatch is nowhere to be found today, so Tom Hiddleston stepped in to help me out.}

So just a quick post today to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to thank you. EveryDamnDayDecember was really successful (in my eyes, anyway). I gained a solid amount of new and regular readers and also found hundreds of blogs that I don’t have time to read! Time will be made….

I want to thank those mighty few who also took up the challenge of EvDaDaDec and made it their own:

  1. Myas – A Tragic Lady But No TB
  2. Lindaghill
  3. More At Forty (Five)
  4. Container Chronicles
  6. Chasing Rabbit Holes

Thank you guys! Hope I didn’t leave off anyone…

What’s next for T of V? Funny you should ask. I am no longer going to post every damn day.

shocked taylor swift

What? Noo! Noooo!

I know, I know. But life will spin on, Taylor.

I will post every Friday as usual, and during the week whenever the mood strikes me. I’m sure it will be more than I was doing prior to EvDaDaDec because I’m just in the habit now.

So thanks once again, have a great new year, and I’ll see you Friday….

Status Update for EvDaDaDec

Thought I would take a few minutes and do an update.

I haven’t been able to read many blogs over the last few days, so please be patient. Had to work on my final projects this weekend and they took up a lot of my time. But the quarter is done after tonight! I’ve got about 200 posts to read that have accumulated so I may not get to all of them this week. Mostly because you all keep posting new stuff all the time!

I told one of my classmates how I’m following about 150 blogs now and she thought that was a lot. How many do you guys follow? (My friend follows four.)

I’ve tried to keep up with comments and pingbacks, so that’s in good shape.

Hey, no one liked my Lana del Rey piece. You either hate me or her, I don’t know which.

Anyway, I’m not going to stop posting every damn day, so don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re going to like everything. *sniffle*

Now check this out that I copied from Blogdramedy:


{Here is it, the start of the Christmas holiday season. This means it must be time for BlogFestivus.

For 2013, we’re going with a Christmas classic. Just to see how far from traditional you bloggers can roam without totally losing the thread of this year’s theme.

Are we ready? Then here are the details.

1. It’s a short challenge. Just 5 stories over 5 days. From December 16 to December 20.

2. You don’t need to come up with a lot of words. Only 200 for each story.

3. This year, we’ll be writing to A Christmas Carol and you can make it a serial story or each piece can stand alone.

Day One: Ebenezer Scrooge
Day Two: Ghost of Christmas Past
Day Three: Ghost of Christmas Present
Day Four: Ghost of Christmas Future
Day Five: Tiny Tim

To mix it up a little, we’ll set the scene in 2013. Your stories can be naughty or nice. Based in reality or totally out there. You decide. It’s your blog. Video and audio posts count.

4.  You get to use the awesome artwork I designed just for this challenge on your own blog!

5. The writer who, over the course of the challenge, makes me laugh the most, will receive a tin-plated invitation to guest blog on Blogdramedy. (Word is…on the street? You could trade this for an empty Double Bubble gum wrapper. A collectors item!)

6. It’s free! There’ll be no PayPaling of any kind here on this blog. I want you to keep those pennies and treat yourself to something extra special this holiday season. Consider it my gift to you.}


My monkey and I are so there.

That’s the main reason I’m posting this update.

I thought this sounded up my alley, and in my wheelhouse, and it even burst my bubble. So T of V is going to participate. If any EvDaDaDecs want to join with me on this challenge, go to Blogdramedy and sign up! And each post will count as a damn day!

(Mine don’t. So I’ll be posting twice those days. For the real challenge, and extra imagination points, do what I do. If you dare….)

I guess that’ s all I have to say for now. See you tomorrow!