Prince Thad, part two

With a flourish, the princess flung open her bedroom door and let in a fellow who offended the prince’s eyes. The wizard was thin and sallow, dark-haired and scruffy. Staring proudly several feet above the base intruder’s head, valiant Thad simply refused to meet the man’s inquiring gaze.

     Shelley’s eyes went to the fuzzy lump the wizard held in his arms.

     “What happened, Ken?” she cried.

     “I think he fell and hurt his leg,” the wizard answered. “Must have gotten out on the stairs again. I found him on the ground. Luckily, it just seems his leg is a little sprained. He’ll be all right.” Continue reading

Prince Thad

Prince Thad spied the evil wizard’s tower nestled darkly in the shadows of Festering Hill just as the one-eyed gypsy had promised him. He rode his white stallion proudly up to the sinister residence and dismounted haughtily. Then, he took a moment to look upon the tower with disdain.

    “Not much of a tower,” he proclaimed to no one in particular, perhaps posterity.   “This task will be even easier than I thought.” Continue reading