Douchebag of the Week

No, not a new feature on T of V. But a few days ago, I wrote an outburst on Ermerica’s First Amendment and I now feel eminently qualified to impose my opinion on the latest “Freedom of Speech” debate.

Read Free to be an Ignorant Douchebag first if you missed it….We’ll wait. Continue reading

Free to be an Ignorant Douchebag


We’re talking about Freedom of Speech today. As an American, (fuck yeah!), I have the right to say just about anything I want to say. Note the “just about”. We’ll come back to that later.

It really galls me when people misinterpret this freedom willfully and to suit themselves rather than the community of random and varied people that make up the American (fuck yeah!) population. Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean Freedom from Consequences. Allow me to explain. Continue reading