So I’m talking about porn this week. It exists, and it must be dealt with. Not just an important part of the internet, but porn is a driver in most guys’ lives. This is just the reality of the situation. Doesn’t make every dude a pervert or deviant. It just makes them a guy, really.

I like tits. What?

I’m not going to get weird about it, or graphic.  I just like me some porn. Most guys do. I consider that I fall in the normal range of this behavior, or like Chris Rock once said “Not an illegal amount. Just enough to get you by.” And I’m talking between consenting adults here, not anything against the law or outrageously exploitative. A wise film character in Boogie Nights says something like “I like fucking. I like watching people fucking.” Just as if it’s as natural a thing as can be. But I want to talk about a couple things that are a lot tamer than films of people fucking.

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