Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Gets the Treatment

(So T of V just got hold of the actual original treatment for Ridley Scott’s would-be magnum opus Prometheus. A treatment, in film-making terms, is the written outline of a proposed project that hits upon the highlights of a movie in hopes of getting a studio to pony up the big bucks to produce it. If you saw Prometheus, and were a bit perplexed by it, maybe this behind the scenes look at what they were thinking┬áprior to making it will help you come to some understanding.

But will it answer the biggest question of all: Why would someone allot upwards of $150 million dollars to make this?) Continue reading

Peter O’Toole

peter o'toole

Shame on me for not getting this up sooner.

Another of the greats has left us.

Sir Peter O’Toole was pretty much the last man standing of his generation of hard-drinking, hell-raising British actors like Oliver Reed, Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter Finch, that I love so much. All are gone or too old to party now.

peter o'toole in the ruling class

Peter O’Toole put his all into every role he played, and every party he crashed. He put his all into Life. And we got to enjoy the hell out of it all.

Fuck Academy Awards. I think he got an honorary one at some point, but never one for any of the memorable roles he played. The Oscars are such bullshit. Just think: Peter O’Toole got no Oscars. Cary Grant got no Oscars. I could go on, I think that’s a different post there.

So raise a glass of whatever you’re drinking to Sir Peter O’Toole. And don’t forget to pour him one.

peter o'toole

Running for Sanctuary

poster for Logan's Run

We’re travelling along a deserted landscape, while quietly but slowly increasing, two beautiful musical notes repeat. Off in the distance we see a handful of large crystalline domes huddled together on the plain. The two notes build and swell on the soundtrack until, at the moment of crescendo, they become a glorious sequence of chords as we are upon the domes. And then, we’re in.

logan's run cityInside, there’s a city. A wondrous city of lights and speeding vehicles. An undulating tube shoots sleek cars across the synthetic sky. We see glittering technological pyramids and other geometric shapes that are undefined by our experience. The music becomes staccato, shimmering, as synthetic as the city but somehow more fantastic. Continue reading

Nerd Triathlon the Deuce

So, due to no particular demand whatsoever, I’m embarking on a second Nerd Triathlon. In case you missed the first one, this is a semi-regular feature on T of V. (Well, I’m making it one anyway).

Check out the first event here.

The Nerd Triathlon begins when I select three topics of interest to the genre-loving folk. The cosplayer type. The fanboy or fangirl. In short, the nerd. Then, I rant briefly on each topic. That’s the running part, the only running this large body of water ever does. Let’s go! Continue reading