Happy Birthday, Internet!

So twenty-five years ago today, Al Gore gave us the internet.

gore meme

You’re welcome, bitches!

Psych! Uh, no he didn’t.

But today is the 25th anniversary of the day Sir Tim Berners-Lee, British computer scientist and all-around awesome muthafucka, sent a historic proposal upstairs to his bosses at CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research. (Hey, that doesn’t spell out “CERN”!) ¬†Well, anyway, the proposal included this pithy quote– “a ‘web’ of notes with links between them”. At the time, Berners-Lee saw networking as crucial, primarily as a way to improve the flow of information between professionals in the computer field. About a year later, Sir Timmy had created the world’s first browser and editor in his spare time.

CERN would later pass a vote to make the web free to the world. And let’s take a second to give Big Al his due here. Vice-President Gore, who was always a technology futurist, in the nineties pushed accessibility and promoted legislation to improve the internet. So yeah, he was an instrumental figure, but he didn’t “invent” it. I also don’t believe he ever said he did. People just misquoted him. He would definitely claim he helped give it to us, which is kind of true.

But the main man…is Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


T of V urges you all today to raise a glass to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the real goddamn inventor of the internet. Cheers, sir.

tim-berners lee

I bid you go forth and disseminate!!!