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I thought this would be a good place to air my opinion about comments. I will approve almost any comment in the name of free speech. But I will not allow trollishness. There’s a fine line between being critical and just being a dick. Personally, I love to argue and will not bar reasonable comments that take issue with something I’ve posted in the blog. This is not YouTube or Facebook, however, and I expect intelligent and entertaining comments. I think you all know what I mean.

Also, I will usually respond to an approved comment. Sometimes, I feel a little reluctance about this. Preferably, my posts would be the only voice you hear from me. (I love the mystery!) WordPress being a social site, though, I feel rude if I don’t reply to a friendly comment.  At first, I just didn’t want to clog up the comment section with more of me. I’m all over the pages as it is, right? As of this day, though, (10/13/13 if you really must know), please expect me to respond to your comments in kind. In case I don’t, please don’t be offended. Because I reserve the right to change my mind on replying at any moment.

And in the immortal words of Phil Collins: “Follow Me, Follow You”. If you follow my blog, I will follow yours! ….probably….

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