Leads, leads, leads! Yeah!

So here’s one of my discarded leads for our essay #2. I’m not going to use it but I think it’s pretty funny…

Jasmine Cauliflower hates the U.S. government. She thinks the president is a tyrannical fascist with a socialist agenda. Ask her about congress and she’ll paint you a vivid picture of bloated fatcats and special interests running up the National Debt. How does J.C. feel about the American people? The majority of them are lazy good-for-nothings sucking her and other “good Americans” dry. So one day, Jasmine Cauliflower decides to run for the U.S. Senate as a Tea Party Republican. Her goal for when she wins? Do her part to gridlock the legislature so that none of the president’s evil agenda gets accomplished…or anything else.

Obviously,  the lovely Jasmine is a made-up character. But this kind of person does exist. There may actually  be millions of them. I’ll probably save her for a short story.

Here’s another lead, probably the one I’ll use for the essay…

Imagine a nation divided in two: about one-half of the population hates and distrusts their democratically elected government while the other half believes the government can still provide solutions.  With the nation divided in this way, an environment of hostility would naturally  be created. During any national crisis, people on the opposite sides of the divide would find it essentially impossible to get anything accomplished. It is precisely this situation, the divide of “big government” versus “small government” that America finds itself in today.

So there’s my leads, if anyone was wondering. I’m just posting them for fun. In no way should this post be mistaken for Blog #6.


3 thoughts on “Leads, leads, leads! Yeah!

  1. I got to say I try never to discuss politics in any type of social situation. I firmly believe that we are in a serious problem with the way our country has been ran in the last 30-40 years. I firmly believe that it has nothing to do with left or right, democrats or republicans, religion or atheists. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The talk about tax cuts mean nothing if corporations continue to get these huge tax breaks. It is also a very simple principle that you do not spend more than you make. I learned that when I was six years old. As long as both parties bicker back and forth and practice their blatant hypocrisy that makes me embarrassed to even turn on the news (both sides do it) Fox news is as far right as Cnn is left. I do not think that any of this shit will get fixed until two things happen. One get money out of politics. It needs to stop. The corporations and lobbyists are ruining our economy. Two the Republican and Democratic Party need to be abolished (they are just a bunch of finger pointing children anyway.) and replaced with a three to five party system and all parties need to get equal time. These are just two small things that need to happen before we take our country back from the cancerous worms that have been gnawing on it for the past four decades.


  2. Hi Dylan how are you doing in this week? I am very very enjoy to visit your blog, because you have a lot of inspirations for people surrounding you. You have an insight that a lot of American lack of. Not offense, I met a lot of people in America who think Hong Kong is in Japan. I thought those people are not likely to watch news as their daily life, it is because it seems a basic knowledge to explore and understand how people doing in other region of world. Sometimes, I seem having more information than other in America, I watch news every day, I watch several newspaper for more information and different point of view, of course, I watch the news in Asia as well. I discovered every country will hide or underemphasize government dislike or worried. It is too important for us to realize different kinds of information in this ever-changing world, it sounds like every thing never be the same than last week, if we are not going to keep pace with world, I think we are losing behind. Many things are associated together, I watch news in political column and also relate with economy and military aspects. 203 words

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