fuiku haiku

i vowed i would not

resort to this sad method

but daily posts are hard;

so do i cheat, well

you may call me tricky, but

at least its a double

(A double haiku that is. Does a double haiku have a special name, like twoku? Haitwo? Duoku? Count Dooku? Niku? <ni is Japanese for two> {holy shit, parentheses within parentheses})

*sigh* I’ll do better tomorrow.

lebron james

david tennant


Posting every damn day’s hard! I’ll get back on track tomorrow….


I beg you. Don’t give up on EveryDamnDayDecember.


13 thoughts on “fuiku haiku

      • You amaze me! how do you get through 200 emails a day and study? what do you study? if I may be personal, sometimes I am unable to get out of bed, as this seems like a trek of major seriousness. And you have humor, how?

        • I’m taking classes for a Web Development degree. The only trick is my life is the Internet right now. I am always online working on something. But I love it so it doesn’t seem like work. My humor comes from my cynicism, I suppose. I try to turn my darker thoughts into comedy. My favorite director, Stanley Kubrick once said “A satirist is someone who has a very skeptical view of human nature, but who still has the optimism to make some kind of joke out of it.”

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