The Professor

{Yeah, I missed posting on Friday. Deal with it.}

Yesterday was the 122nd birthday of the Professor of my soul, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. J.R.R. to his multitude of friends and admirers.


Professor Tolkien is the writer of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and tons of supplemental material. The world of Middle-earth is a creation that was much more than a setting for high fantasy. It is a living, breathing world with various races, cultures, and language. Language above all, the glorious languages the professor worked out.

Your books sang to me, professor. You created a living world that was completely immersive and beautiful, even at its darkest. In fact, that was the point. You showed how literally the smallest of us could overcome the most grandiose evil. In the real world, your little nation helped kick Hitler’s fucking ass after all. How wonderful when art informs life!

Professor, your works have created and driven thousands upon thousands (probably millions!) of other creators, inspired us to try to carry on your tradition and make worlds of our own. But you were one of the first, and by far the greatest. Even if we never climb as high as your pinnacle, the striving is most of the point. Your noble characters never gave up, and never failed to do what was needed at the crucial time. We as your followers should take that as an example and always continue to strive. That was your most important legacy and message to us.

T of V salutes Professor Tolkien today and we raise our Green Dragon ales high.

Ollo vae, Val’istar. Guren glassui, lle ume quel. Aa menle nauva calen ar’ta hwesta e’ ale’quenle!

{Don’t pick on my elvish, I took it from a web site.)

12 thoughts on “The Professor

  1. I read The Hobbit and the Trilogy when I was in college and I was completely transported to a world and time beyond my imagination. I had a map of the Middle Earth on my dorm room wall so I could follow all of the adventures. I even attempted, poorly at best, to learn some of the languages of the Middle Earth. I was so immersed in Tolkien’s world that I almost flunked out of school that semester.

    You wrote an excellent tribute to this creative genius. Thank you.

  2. Did you miss posting on Friday? Didn’t even notice. *wink* When I was in grade 4, our teacher read “The Hobbit” a couple of chapters at a time, every day, like a soap opera. I became hooked and read the rest. Great tribute.

  3. Hic. One of the best moments of 2013 was when I visited Oxford and sat down on the bench where he sat down when he needed inspiration for the Lord of the Rings. There’s a small brook that runs around the garden and an ancient tree and looms over you. I was lost in thought, listening to an audio tour of the park when all of a sudden, the voice mentioned that the tree I was sitting under was Treebeard. I was beyond thrilled and then it played a small excerpt where Tolkien read a part of the book. I died. This is my ghost writing. What an amazing man!

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