Fifth Nerd Triathlon: Controversy Edition

So its high time for another running of T of V’s Nerd Triathlon. This is an event where I weigh in on a trio of topics of dire consequence to the World Legion of Geeks and Fanatics. Limbered up and ready to go?

holmes and watson

This way, Cumberbitches!

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A Liberal Doesn’t…

glenn beck

So as most Americans have realized, there is a deep divide between our two major political parties today; deeper, arguably, then it has ever been. Hell, most of the world has noticed that we can’t get along enough to pass the simplest of matters through our congress anymore, much less the important shit.¬†Is this because of a difference in ideals, morals, ethics or any other pretense¬†that both parties like to invoke, I assume sarcastically? Continue reading

Fred Phelps

So Fred Phelps died Wednesday from what I only hope was a very painful and soul-shattering illness.

This is not a tribute. I’m not a believer in Hell, but I hope this piece of shit ends up there.

fred phelps

A true real-life villain.

Brother Phelps was the founder of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. They’re renowned for their proliferation of christian messages like the following:


This cheerful cunt is the villain’s daughter, Shirley Phelps-Rogers. She will probably try to continue the family business of evil.

Made up almost exclusively of Phelps’ extended family, the WBC boasts only about one hundred members, joyously united in bigotry and vileness. It is not actually affiliated with any sane religion. (I’ve been to a Baptist church when I lived in the south. I thought they were nuts, but not evil.) As a matter of fact, Phelps considered it a great sin for anyone to preach of God’s love and forgiveness. Phelps once scornfully told a reporter “Can you preach the bible without preaching the hatred of God? The answer is absolutely not.” This paragon was certain that god had nothing but hatred and contempt for those who strayed from his version of morality.

These lowlifes used to crawl out of their holes and picket funerals of gays, waving nauseating signage in the bereaved’s faces. WBC first got national recognition for protesting the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man who was viciously beaten to death in 1998 by people who considered themselves christian.

Phelps’ followers also took to picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, interpreting these deaths as god’s judgment on America’s growing tolerance of gays. They even crashed celebrity funerals ‘cos publicity, yo? These people are fundamentally fucked-up and doctrinally disgustipating.

In celebration of a person’s life, I would normally suggest raising up your glass. Fred Phelps did not live a life worth celebrating. So how to commemorate the death of an evil, disgusting man?

T of V proposes that each one of you grab a person of the same sex and give them a passionate kiss, gay or not. Or at least hug a same-sex person. And may that be Fred Phelps’ last view of earth as he is dragged down to fucking hell.


gay protest of wbc

Kiss my fabulous ass!

Falling Down

So many times in life we fail, we fall, we lie broken. Speaking metaphorically now. Lurchingly, we pick ourselves back up time after time, and stagger forward some more on our life’s trail. We then plod on till we again fall. Each time we have to pick ourselves up it’s a bit harder, more strenuous, and the subsequent steps we take become more and more faltering, tenuous. Often we find ourselves merely slogging forward in anticipation of slipping backward again. And the next time we fall….will that be the final fall? Will we finally not be able to rise again? Should we even bother if the scant progress we make is inevitably going to be interrupted and pushed back by our next fall? Are we accomplishing anything? What’s the point? Continue reading

‘Tis the Season of Me!

Seems I have a gaggle of new awards to accept. Well done, me!

This time it’s the triple whammy of The Imagine Award, The Dragon Loyalty Award, and…there was another. Shit, hang on. Gotta look it up.

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Free to be an Ignorant Douchebag


We’re talking about Freedom of Speech today. As an American, (fuck yeah!), I have the right to say just about anything I want to say. Note the “just about”. We’ll come back to that later.

It really galls me when people misinterpret this freedom willfully and to suit themselves rather than the community of random and varied people that make up the American (fuck yeah!) population. Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean Freedom from Consequences. Allow me to explain. Continue reading

T of V Hearts Lana del Rey

So this is gonna be kind of a weird post. Yeah, you heard me. It’s about to get a little weird up in here. You’re probably wondering how weird does it have to get before T of V acknowledges something is weird?

The answer: Pretty fucking weird.


Pray, continue. I am…intrigued.

The title of this post is not a trick. I’m really going to talk about Lana del Rey. And is it going to be ironic? Sarcastic? A little. But I’m calling attention to this for the strangest of all possible reasons. Continue reading

The New King of the Web or You Like Me, You Virtually Like Me

I got another award!

freddie mercury

My friend V, from The Verbal Spew Review did this to me. That is, bestowed the Versatile Blogger award upon my head. Again, I am excited and confused. Yes, this is two awards in one year. So far…*heh heh* Continue reading


So I’m reading blogs with my coffee today, and I notice there’s a lot of self-congratulation in the blogosphere today. All the NaNoPoMoFos are happy and satisfied with themselves for making it through a month of daily posting.

Just when we’re about to start.

Okay, NaNos, it’s on. You want to know something? December has one more day in it than November. Why don’t you all just pick February, you lightweights!?

Let’s show ’em what daily fuckin blogging is all about, EvDaDaDecs! Hell, I’ve already started (technically). Every Damn Day in December. Is anyone else with me?


That’s all right. Benedict and I can handle this.

benedict cumberbatch crying

You have….inspired me.

I know. See you tomorrow, Cumberbitches!